Milt Bernhart

This trombonist's career includes performing and recording with major jazz contenders such as Stan Kenton and Maynard Ferguson, but most listeners will have unknowingly heard Bernhart's blowing on the soundtracks to vintage television shows. He is all over the place on soundtracks from the last few years of the '50s, his trombone utilized as a kind of sleaze factor in the atmospheric background to crime shows such as Peter Gunn, M. Squad, and Staccato. Bernhart began playing music at ten, starting with tuba and sliding over to trombone several years later. He hailed from Indiana but continued his studies in both Chicago and Philadelphia, climbing on-stage in the former city at 16 with the invigorating Boyd Raeburn band.

In 1943, Bernhart gigged with Buddy Franklin, Jimmy James, and Teddy Powell. Things seemed promising for his music career, but then Uncle Sam opened the window and let...

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