Bob Keene

Bob Keene (Robert Verrill Kuhn) was born in Manhattan Beach, CA, on January 5, 1922, but raised in Beverly Hills and Glendale. Clarinet was his favorite instrument from very early on, and he took his first lesson at the age of six. He had classical training, and by the time he was twelve he appeared as a soloist with the Los Angeles Symphony. This could have been the start of his career in classical music, but young Bob started getting more and more interested in swing music by listening to Benny Goodman records. Despite being only thirteen, in 1935 he was allowed in the Palomar Ballroom to listen to Benny Goodman’s band. It was a tipping point for him, and from then on he just wanted to become a bandleader like Goodman. In the meantime though, he continued to take private lessons with classical clarinetist Lucien Caillet, and at fifteen he was playing clarinet and alto sax with Rube...

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