Tak Shindo

Tak Shindo, (November 11, 1922 – April 17, 2002) a Japanese-American soundtrack composer, studied under Miklos Rozsa. Academically trained as a musicologist, he also spent time studying traditional Asian music at the University of Tokyo. Shindo employed this background in the Hollywood sound studios of the 1950s. Between soundtrack assignments for Hollywood orientalia, such as Sayonara and Stopover Tokyo, he recorded a series of albums under his own name. Its Shindo's recordings as arranging bandleader that have the most significance for the field of pop exotica.

Thanks to CD reissue, Shindo's orchestral fantasy of Africa, Mganga, is probably the best known of his LP exotica work. However, Brass and Bamboo and Accent On Bamboo were more typical of his output. Shindo took his audacious juxtaposition of stereotypical eastness and westness to the limit on Far East Goes Western, which...

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