Frank D'Rone

Frank D’Rone is one of the few finer singers and performers around and creates great vibes with his audiences.” This quote, from Leonard Feather, one of the world’s foremost music critics, probably best describes Frank and his talents today. It takes a while to achieve words of this sort.

Frank started singing and playing the guitar on stage at the age of 5 in Providence, Rhode Island. At age 11, he had his own local radio show twice a week. At age 13, he won an Artist’s Degree in classical guitar awarded him by the American Guild of Stringed Instruments. He formed his own band and played dates in the Providence area while finishing his education. Then D’Rone headed for New York where things were happening for talented people in show business. Frank worked around New York in different clubs - he had many return appearances at “The Living Room”, for example.

A big break came for Frank...

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