Dan Terry

Bandleader and trumpeter Dan Terry (his real name was Daniel Kostraba) was born in Kingston, Pennsylvania on the 22nd of December of 1924. His musical background goes back to his childhood, when he picked up a good deal about music from his father, a choir-master and violinist. During Dan’s high school days he fronted a small group and took solo spots on the trumpet. After a graduation he moved to New York, where from February to May 1943 he played with Muggsy Spanier’s big band, a short period in which his trumpet-playing won speedy recognition.

During his service with the Marine Corps, he played with various dance bands, including Dick Jurgens’ service group, and when he was discharged in September 1944 he moved to Los Angeles. Once back in the West Coast, he took over the leadership of the Hollywood Teenagers Band, and changed his name to Dan Terry. In 1948 he moved again to New...

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