Bobby Troup

Bobby Troup is not strictly a jazz performer but he has made several important contributions to the music. As a composer he has written "Daddy," "Snooty Little Cutie," "Baby, Baby All the Time," and the major hit "Route 66."

Born in Harrisburg, PA, on October 18, 1918, Troup has long been a fine pianist (having a regular jazz trio in the 1950s), a personable singer (although some of his early records were overly mannered), and an actor, and during 1956-1958 he moderated a legendary television series (Stars of Jazz) that featured a who's who of jazz players. He also produced some best-selling records for his wife, Julie London.

Bobby Troup passed away in Sherman Oaks, California, on February 7, 1999.

Scott Yanow -All Music Guide

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