Frank Rehak

A talented trombonist who was both a decent soloist and an adaptable ensemble player, Frank Rehak's career was cut short by his heroin addiction. After starting on piano, cello and baritone horn, Rehak switched to trombone. He served in the Navy during World War II (1943-47), playing in a swing combo in Hawaii. Rehak gained big band experience playing with Gene Krupa (1949), Jimmy Dorsey (1950-52), Ray McKinley, Claude Thornhill, Sauter-Finegan and Woody Herman.

After doing some studio work and spending a period outside of music, Rehak became part of the Dizzy Gillespie Big Band in 1956. He worked in the studios into the early 1960s, including most notably with the Gil Evans Orchestra from 1956-62; however, Rehak's drug problems eventually caused him to drop out of music altogether. He ended up working for Synanon in Houston and was largely forgotten by the time of his death at age...

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