Mundell Lowe

Born in Laurel, Mississippi, on April 21, 1922, Mundell Lowe was a reliable cool-toned guitarist who took part on many sessions through the years despite never becoming a household name.

Lowe picked up early experience during 1936-1940 playing Dixieland in New Orleans and country music in Nashville. He toured with Jan Savitt (1942), Ray McKinley (1945-1947), Mary Lou Williams (1947-1949), Red Norvo, and Ellis Larkins.

In 1950, he became a staff musician at NBC, although he always played jazz on the side. Lowe was with the Sauter-Finegan Orchestra (1952-1953), worked with Benny Goodman on an occasional basis, and recorded as a leader for RCA, Riverside, Camden, and Charlie Parker Records. His recording credits ranged from such jazz greats as Charles Mingus, Buddy Rich and Carmen McRae, with whom he made seven albums, to R&B vocal dynamo Ruth Brown, Barry Manilow and Johnny Ray, whose...

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