Paul Smith

Paul Smith was born in San Diego, California, on April 17, 1922. He grew up in an ideal musical family environment. His mother, nee Constance Farmer, was an accomplished vocalist, and his father, Lon Smith, a talented trumpet player. Both performed a musical act, billed as Smith and Farmer, and they enjoyed a successful vaudeville career.

Paul’s formal musical training began when he was 8 years old, and throughout eight years of serious study he acquired a thorough background in classical music. In the meantime he became interested in popular music and played with the high school dance orchestra. “I was working casuals by the time I was 16,” he would recall in his 30s. “Art Tatum was my chief early influence, and I’d still rather listen to him than anyone else.”

Smith landed his first name-band assignment with Johnny Richards in 1941, and by that time he had developed an interest in...

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