Buddy Bregman

A screenwriter obsessed with jazz shows up at the offices of the production company Bregman Entertainment in Hollywood. He has an appointment to make a pitch to Buddy Bregman, a producer, director, and writer who has also been a great success in the music business as an arranger, composer, and conductor. A current list of Bregman film projects under development includes a drama entitled The Trial of Ezra Pound, so the screenwriter is confident that Bregman won't pass off the movie idea he is about to be offered as too intellectual. It is a variation on Oscar Wilde's classic The Picture of Dorian Gray. In that story, a vain man retains his youth while a bewitched portrait of him simultaneously ages. In the jazz buff's variation, an important reference volume prepared by a major jazz critic adds years on to the lives of various performers by printing incorrect information about their...

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