Mitzi Gaynor

A popular '50s and '60s singer, actress, and dancer, Mitzi Gaynor was recognized for not only her singing and dancing abilities but also her bright-eyed personality and chirpy charm. She brought zest and vivacity to all the Broadway shows and films she starred in. Known for her dancing techniques, she starred with such singing and dancing greats as Bing Crosby in Anything Goes, Frank Sinatra in The Joker Is Wild, and Gene Kelly in Les Girls. Her career has spanned all media, including films, television specials, and Broadway, and she continues to sing and dance on the nightclub circuit.

Born Franceska Mitzi Marlene de Charney von Gerber in Chicago on September 4, 1930, Mitzi Gaynor is said to be of Hungarian ancestry. Her mother was a ballerina and greatly influenced Mitzi to pursue dancing at the age of four. At the tender age of 12, she became a member of the corps de ballet of the...

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