• Sebastien Joulie
    Sebastien Joulie
  • Stéphane Moutot
    Stéphane Moutot
  • Pierre De Bethmann
    Pierre De Bethmann
  • François-Régis Gallix
    François-Régis Gallix
  • Charles Clayette
    Charles Clayette

Sébastien Joulie


Fresh Sound New Talent

Sébastien Joulie (g), Stéphane Moutot (ts, ss), Pierre de Bethmann (p), François-Régis Gallix (b), Charles Clayette (d)

Reference: FSNT-543

Bar code: 8427328435437

01. Time tabloid 5:15
02. Old matters 7:15
03. Resilience 7:28
04. Massive boozer 5:26
05. Green Chimneys 7:26
06. Shells 8:12
07. Abel's dilemma 7:21
08. B 'n' C 6:42
09. East of the Sun 7:44

Album details

All compositions by Sébastien Joulie expect #01 by Stéphane Moutot, #05 by Thelonious Monk arranged by Sébastien Joulie and Charles Clayette, and #09 by Brooks Bowman arranged by Sébastien Joulie

Sébastien Joulie (guitar), Stéphane Moutot (tenor & soprano saxes), Pierre de Bethmann (piano), François-Régis Gallix (bass), Charles Clayette (drums).
Recorded at the Trouillet Studios, 2017

Sound engineer: Pierre Baudinat
Mixed by Nicholas Charlier
Mastered by Pieter De Wagter at Equus Studio, Bruxelles, Belgium
Photography by Geo
Design: Delphine de la Morinerie

Produced by Sébastien Joulie
Executive Producer: Jordi Pujol

Press reviews

"My only previous exposure to Joulie’s music came via his 2014 Fresh Sounds debut Green Waves, which featured US saxophonist Walter Smith III. A prime mover in the Lyon Jazz Collectif, the guitarist here fronts a new band which brings together some of his regular collaborators; although ostensibly an all-European affair, the throbbing heartbeat of contemporary New York undoubtedly beats within the group’s music. Deploying just the faintest smidgeon of distortion, Joulie has a sound somewhere between Adam Rogers and Kurt Rosenwinkel. In Moutot he has a suitably robust and expansive foil, though the usually stellar De Bethmann often appears outmuscled by the feisty drumming of Clayette and deep, woody low-end presence of Gallix.

Evincing a palpable sense of musical progression, the music of Resilience is structurally loose without being un-centred. Listeners are immediately thrown into the maelstrom with the ambiguous tonality and fractured meters of Time Tabloid. Old Matters pays a slyly revisionist homage to the classic jazz ballad tradition, the title track is a curious shapeshifter distinguished by some wonderfully articulated tension and release, and Massive Boozer is a raucous Mingusian blues that heads straight for the jugular. The mechanical chatter underpinning Joulie and Clayette’s offbeat arrangement of Green Chimneys is as enchanting as it is unexpected, and makes a strong contender for a standout track. East Of The Sun, the album’s only other cover, is comprehensively deconstructed and rattles off with seemingly unstoppable momentum. My slight reservations about De Bethmann’s disappointingly muted presence aside, Joulie’s group play some thoughtful and inventive post-bop with more than enough gusto to stand out from the pack."

Fred Grand
Jazz Journal (April, 2017)


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