Tete Montoliu & Peter King

Tete Montoliu, Barcelona-born and proudly Catalan is one of the very great piano stylists of our time. A firm, articulate and dazzling technique is sometimes misconstrued as lacking in emotion. Nothing could be further from the truth. The blind pianist’s whole life is lived on an emotional level and his feelings and love of jazz just come pouring out, even if controlled. (He can be as equally emotional talking about Barcelona Football Club or Catalan food and wines, but that’s another story).

Peter King is assured of his place in the jazz hall of fame and it is good to see that he is now receiving the plaudits he has so rightfully deserved for so long. It was over twenty years ago that Peter was booked to appear at the opening night of the very first Ronnie Scott Club in Gerrard Street London. He has since worked with the very best of American and British bands and artists, and has...

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Tete Montoliu & Peter King Albums

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