Thomas Delor

Born in Nice (France) in 1987, Thomas Delor began drumming at the age of 8. He was rapidly drawn toward Jazz, a genre he discovered thanks to his family's record collection and that allowed him to unleash his creativity.

Starting at 16, parallel to his post baccalaureate studies in mathematics, he began performing live with professional musicians in France and Italy. In 2007, he was invited by "Orchestre Classique Instrumental de Nice" conductor Avner Soudry to perform as a guest percussionist.

In 2008, he went to New York City for the first time. This trip gave him the opportunity to network and collaborate with American musicians.

He graduated at the age of 22 and became a mathematics teacher in high schools and French Classes Préparatoires, allowing him to move to Paris in 2010. He quickly established himself in the Parisian Jazz scene and decided to quit his day job as a teacher...

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