And His Orchestra 1953-1954 · The Complete Trend Recordings (3 10" LP on 1 CD)
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  • Jerry Fielding
    Jerry Fielding
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Jerry Fielding

And His Orchestra 1953-1954 · The Complete Trend Recordings (3 10" LP on 1 CD)

Fresh Sound Records

Jerry Fielding (arr, dir), Conrad Gozzo, Maurice Harris, Ralph Fera, Mickey Mangano, Jerry Carr, Larry Klein, James Longo, Ed Shedoski (tp), Joe Howard, Lloyd Ulyate, Marshall Cram, Thermon Donelli (tb), Hymie Gunkler, George Dorsey (as), Buddy Collette (fl, as, ts), Sam Donahue, Phil Urso, Don Lodice (ts), Marty Berman (bs), Gerald Wiggins, Jerry Carr (p), Vincent Terri (g), Red Callender (b), Tom Romersa, John Perilli (d), Milt Holland (perc), Ruth Olay, Tony Fontaine, Morgan Sisters, Hi-Lo's (vcl)

Reference: FSRCD1105

Bar code: 8427328611053


Including 20-page booklet with new liner notes and rare photos

The Jerry Fielding orchestra was a good, charging dance band, a swing-era style unit with a modern approach. Jerry was one of the few band leaders at that time who not only fronted his band, but also led it. There is a certain precision in the band that can only come from thorough rehearsal, and yet, it is a spontaneous spark of creativity that carries each performance. This is in part thanks to the rhythmic arrangements that leave room to flow smoothly when the music asks for it. There is a spirited, crisp cohesion and a feeling of often latent —sometimes overt— power.

From a performance standpoint, it must be noted that this was an organized band of thirteen hand-picked top musicians. And such big sounds he gets from 13 men! The excitement, warmth, power and finesse of Fielding's band could do justice to just about every mood with its never-ending versatility, a group of seasoned sidemen from the radio and film industries swinging their way through Jerry's modern-flavored arrangements.

This CD closes with the only four sides that Jerry Fielding recorded with the vocal quartet the Hi-Lo's which Trend released in two singles. Whether this was music designed for dancing —as Fielding’s three 10” Trend albums claimed— or for listening, you are sure to get equal enjoyment either way.


Sample this album
Total time: 76:20 min.

01. Faintly Reminiscent (Gerson-Fielding) 2:33
Soloists: Buddy Collette, Gerald Wiggins
02. Tea For Two (Youmans-Caesar) 3:06
03. Here in My Arms (Rodgers-Hart) 3:07
Soloists: Mickey Mangano, Gerry Wiggins, Sam Donahue, Lloyd Ulyate
04. Blue Prelude (Jenkins-Bishop) 3:12
05. Button Up Your Overcoat (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson) 2:48
Soloists: Buddy Collette, Sam Donahue, Joe Howard
06. A Blues Serenade (Parish-Signorelli) 2:58
Soloist: Joe Howard
07. I’m In Love With You (Raye-DePaul) 3:00
08. Can't Help Lovin' That Man (Kahn-Hammerstein) 3:04
09. PEANUT VENDOR (Simons-Sunshine) 2:37
Soloists: Hymie Gunkler (as), Conrad Gozzo (lead tp)
10. Carefree (Heyman-Henderson) 3:11
Jerry Fielding’s Theme. Soloists: Joe Howard, Maurice Harris, Sam Donahue
11. Cheerful Little Earful (Warren-Gershwin-Rose) 3:06
Soloist: Sam Donahue
12. The Kinkajou (Tierney) 2:36
Soloists: Buddy Collette, Sam Donahue, Gerald Wiggins
13. When I Grow Too Old to Dream (Romberg-Hammerstein II) 2:50
Solois: Hymie Gunkler
14. Song of the Bayou (Rube Bloom) 2:35
15. Rain on the Roof (Ann Ronell) 2:42
Soloists: Sam Donahue, Gerald Wiggins
16. Young Man's Fancy (Anderson-Yellen-Ager) 2:44
Soloists: Sam Donahue, Maurice Harris, Gerald Wiggins
17. Stars in My Eyes (Kreisler-Fields) 3:35
Soloist: George Dorsey
18. La Rosita (Dupont-Stuart) 4:12
Soloists: George Dorsey, Don Lodice
19. Bye and Bye (Rodgers-Hart) 2:32
Soloist: Phil Urso
20. Spring is Here (Rodgers-Hart) 3:37
Soloists: Ed Shedosky, Joe Howard, Jerry Carr
21. Bye Bye Blues (Hamm-Bennett-Lown-Grey) 2:45
Soloists: Joe Howard, Ed Shedosky, Phil Urso
22. The Song is Ended (Irving Berlin) 3:29
Soloists: Jerry Carr, Don Lodice
23. Thet Didn't Believe Me (Reynolds-Kern) 2:38
24. Peg O’ My Heart (Brian-Fisher) 2:34
25. My Baby Just Cares For Me (Kahn-Donaldson) 2:16
26. Georgia on My Mind (Carmichael) 2:26

Album details

Tracks #1-8, from the 10-inch LP “Jerry Fielding & His Great New Orchestra” (Trend-1000)
Tracks #9-16, from the 10-inch LP “Jerry Fielding Plays a Dance Concert” (Trend-1004)
Tracks #17-22, from the 10-inch LP “After 8:00” with Jerry Fielding Orchestra (Trend-1013)
Tracks #23 & 24, from the 7-inch single Trend 45-75
Tracks #25 & 26, from the 7-inch single Trend 45-74

Jerry Fielding And His Orchestra

Tracks #1-8: Conrad Gozzo, Maurice Harris, Ralph Fera, Mickey Mangano, trumpets; Joe Howard, Lloyd Ulyate, trombones; Hymie Gunkler, alto sax; Buddy Collette, flute, alto & tenor sax; Sam Donahue, tenor sax; Marty Berman, baritone sax; Gerald Wiggins, piano; Red Callender, bass; Tom Romersa, drums; Ruth Olay (#4,6,7 & 8), Tony Fontaine (#7),
and The Morgan Sisters (#2), vocals.
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, April 10, 1953

Tracks #9-16: Same personel, but Marshall Cram replaces Ulyate on trombone; Milt Holland, bongoes, added on #9.
Radio Recorders, Hollywood, September 4 (#9-12), October 15 (#13-16), 1953

Tracks #17-26: Jerry Carr, Larry Klein, James Longo, Ed Shedoski, trumpets; Joe Howard, Thermon Donelli, trombones; George Dorsey, alto sax; Phil Urso, Don Lodice, tenor saxes; Vincent Terri, guitar; Jerry Carr, piano; Red Callender, bass; John Perilli, drums; The Hi-Lo’s, vocals (#23-26).
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, February 1954

Liner notes by Jordi Pujol
Photos by Dave Pell © Fresh Sound Archives
Original recordings produced by Albert Marx
This CD compilation reissued by Jordi Pujol

Hi Fi · 24-Bit Digitally Remastered
Blue Moon Producciones Discograficas S.L.
Note: After Trend Records went bankrupt in June 1955, Kapp Records acquired all of the label’s master tapes. It was February 1956, and some of Jerry Fielding’s sides and the Hi-Lo’s tracks were reissued that same year on two 12-inch Kapp LPs. Tracks #5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18 and 22 on Jerry Fielding and His Orchestra “Play A Dance Concert” (Kapp KL-1026). Tracks #1, 2, 3, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25 and 26 on “The Hi-Lo’s and the Jerry Fielding Orchestra” (Kapp KL-1027)

Press reviews

"Joshua Itzhak Feldman (1922-1980), better known as Jerry Fielding, made a name for himself from the 1960s onwards as an arranger and composer of film scores for directors such as Sam Peckinpah and Clint Eastwood. He also did a lot of work for radio and TV.

Fielding, born in Pittsburgh, started at 17 as an arranger with guitar pioneer Alvino Rey's orchestra, which was active on the West Coast. He then wrote arrangements for the bands of Kay Kyser, Tommy Dorsey and Charlie Barnet. From 1947 he worked for radio and TV shows, including that of the popular comedian Groucho Marx.

In the spring of 1951 he formed his own dance band with which he appeared in his own TV show, with Ruth Olay, Tony Fontaine and The Morgan Sisters as vocalists. With this Great New Orchestra he recorded his first album for the small independent Trend label. Apart from the own opening track Faintly Reminiscent, these are mainly well-known standards, which, however, have all been cast in a surprising new arrangement. The modern, sometimes unusual performances, full of variety, such as in The Peanut Vendor, for example, are performed with great perfection by these west-coast musicians. Despite the tight, razor-sharp brass, the fluent sound of the saxes and the support of an excellent rhythm section, there is always enough room for creative solo contributions from Colette, Donahue, Howard and Wiggins in particular. On the first album Olay delivers some nice vocal contributions.

The album was so well received by critics that in addition to working for TV, the band also gave concerts and was offered engagements in some well-known ballrooms in Hollywood. Trend also saw opportunities for a next album.

In December 1953 Fielding came into conflict with the witch hunt for (alleged) communists unleashed by Senator McCarthy. It resulted in a long-term boycott of his radio and TV appearances. Reason for Fielding to tour with an orchestra. He again formed an excellent band from the large arsenal of outstanding studio musicians. With this, both the last LP and the debut single of the Hi-Lo's were recorded, which concludes this musically interesting edition, which is also provided with an extremely well-maintained and informative booklet."

—Aldert Toornstra (December, 2021)
Dr. Jazz Magazine, The Netherlands


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And His Orchestra 1953-1954 · The Complete Trend Recordings (3 10" LP on 1 CD)
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