Music From Mr. Lucky + Mr. Lucky Goes Latin (2 LP on 1 CD)
  • RCA LSP-2198
    RCA LSP-2198
  • RCA LSP-2360
    RCA LSP-2360
  • John Vivyan R Martin
    John Vivyan R Martin
  • Henry Mancini
    Henry Mancini

Henry Mancini

Music From Mr. Lucky + Mr. Lucky Goes Latin (2 LP on 1 CD)

Blue Moon Golden Series

Henry Mancini (arr, dir), Ronny Lang, Dick Nash (saxes), Vince DeRosa (Frh), Bobby Hammack (org), Jimmy Rowles (p), Bob Bain, Laurindo Almeida (g), Larry Bunker (vib), Shelly Manne (d), Frank Flynn, Milt Holland (perc), Erno Neufeld (string concertmaster)

Reference: BMCD 831

Bar code: 8427328008310


Music From The CBS Television Series; composed and conducted by Henry Mancini

Newly remastered STEREO version. Better sound than ever before!

01. Mr. Lucky 2:12
02. My Friend Andamo 3:30
03. Softly 2:44
04. March of the Cue Balls 3:15
05. Lightly Latin 2:54
06. Tipsy 2:32
07. Floating Pad 2:53
08. One Eyed Cat 3:15
09. Night Flower 2:24
10. Chime Time 3:16
11. Blue Satin 2:34
12. Thats It and Thats All 2:54
13. Mr. Lucky (Goes Latin) 2:13
14. Lujon 2:37
15. Tinpañola 2:04
16. Rain Drops in Rio 2:42
17. Siesta 2:50
18. The Dancing Cat 2:57
19. Cow Bells and Coffee Beans 3:03
20. The Sound of Silver 2:31
21. Tango Americano 2:42
22. No-Cal Sugar Loaf 2:05
23. Blue Mantilla 2:30
24. Speedy Gonzales 1:42

Album details

All tracks composed, arranged & conducted by Henry Mancini

Tracks #1-12, from the Living Stereo album
"Music From Mr. Lucky" (RCA LSP-2198)
Tracks #13-24, from the Living Stere album
"Mr. Lucky Goes Latin" (RCA LSP-2360)

Recorded at RCA Victors Music Center of the World, Hollywood, California, December 4, 10 and 17, 1959 (Mr. Lucky), and January 19, 1961 (Mr. Lucky Goes Latin)

Produced by Dick Peirce
Recording engineer: Al Schmitt
Original cover art design by Don Peters

Reissue produced by Jordi Pujol
Stereo · 24-Bit Digitally Remastered

Press reviews

Original liner notes from the RCA Victor album Music from Mr. Lucky:

"Our experience with the Peter Gunn TV series taught us a great deal here at Spartan Productions. One of the most important things we learned was that the proper background music makes a very sizeable contribution to the dramatic qualities of a television show. We attribute much of Peter Gunns success to the great descriptive scores created by our musical director Henry Mancini.

It is not surprising, then, that Mancini was called in during the very early planning stages of our new series, Mr. Lucky. Once again he was given the assignment of coming up with fresh and exciting music. This time, however, the characters and situations demanded an entirely different approach.

Lucky is a true cosmopolite. Hes been everywhere, seen and done just about everything and knows everybody. He has a suave, sophisticated, polished and international demeanor. His adventures may involve anyone from a Bowery bum to a deposed king. Hes a mystery man, intriguing to women, admired and envied by men.

Mancinis ambitious assignment was to project, musically, Luckys involved personality along with those of his amusing sidekick, Andamo, and Luckys beautiful girl friends. Since we were fully aware of Mancinis creative talent, we were not at all surprised when he again delivered exactly what we wanted. We also knew, from experience, that this excellent music would continue week after week.

Because of the wide scope of the characterizations, Hank uses a variety of instruments and ideas. When strings are called for, you hear them. If the mood or character demands a jazz inflection, there it is. Whether the situation is romantic, humorous, tragic, ironic or full of action, Mancini creates exactly the right musical mood.

Each of the selections in this album is based on a theme used in our Mr. Lucky series. Their dramatic value is already proven. Beyond that, however, these compositions have all the ingredients of fine music apart from the show: originality, excitement, compelling themes, colorful orchestration, inventive harmonies and interesting rhythms.

So this album is Mr. Lucky and it is good music. In addition, it is Henry Mancini. That, in itself, is sufficient recommendation for me."

-Blake Edwards (director, screenwriter & producer)


Original liner notes from the RCA Victor album Mr. Lucky Goes Latin:

"Too frequently, the term Latin Music refers to wild, exotic and primitive rhythms. Although the rhythm is certainly a part of Latin music, there should obviously be more to it than that. And there is. When properly presented, there is melody, romance, humor and sophistication.

These are the elements emphasized in this album. The exotic rhythms are there, but the real accent is on romantic melodies, intriguing sounds and sophisticated humor... the stocks-in-trade of the incomparable Henry Mancini and his suave friend, Mr. Lucky. Lucky is on hand, too, his now famous theme gone delightfully native. Every selection shows overwhelming evidence of (to steal the title of one of his recent albums) The Mancini Touch.

The listener will find all of the taste and musicianship which have made Mancini one of the nations top composer-arranger-conductors, plus some new glimpses into his creative (and frequently whimsical) imagination.

Contributing their fair share to the unusual sounds are such outstanding musicians as Ronny Lang, reeds; Dick Nash, baritone horn; Vince DeRosa, French horn; Bob Bain and Laurindo Almeida, guitars and mandolins; Bobby Hammack, Hammond organ; Jimmy Rowles, tinpañola (Brazilian piano); and Erno Neufeld, concertmaster of the large string section. The four percussionists are Shelly Manne, Frank Flynn, Larry Bunker and Milt Holland.

All in all, the album goes a long way towards proving that Latin music can and should be suave, polished and sophisticated. If you still dont believe it, ask Mr. Lucky."


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Music From Mr. Lucky + Mr. Lucky Goes Latin (2 LP on 1 CD)
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