Bob Bain

No, he's not a guitar hero with the name recognition of Eric Clapton or Carlos Santana, but guitar licks of Bob Bain have been heard by many more sets of ears. He was so busy in the Hollywood recording studios during the '50s and '60s that he actually would leave his instruments lying around rather than take them home. Film composer Henry Mancini made regular use of Bain's work on soundtracks and studio albums, the match working to everyone's benefit as the instrument's popularity expanded due to the influence of rock music. The heavy, sizzling guitar part on the Theme to Peter Gunn? That was Bain. The guitar became so much in demand, in fact, that composers would bring in as many as five guitar players at a time for orchestrations. The theme from the western Bonanza featured Bain, Tommy Tedesco, Al Hendrickson, and Laurindo Almeida all at once, which is probably good news for...

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