Antobal's Cuban All Stars

Eusebio Santiago Azpiazu (1981-1966) adopted the name Mario Antobal for business reasons. He was the brother of famed bandleader Don Azpiazu (Justo Angel Azpiazu). Both men were from a well-off Cuban family of Basque Heritage. Mario made his fortune in sugar, real estate and stocks before involving himself in music when he met and married former Ziegfeld girl Marion Sunshine.
She was a canny songwriter, and once Mario’s brother formed a band, she started writing songs for him. Mario in turn, managed the career of his brother Don Azpiazu, organizing tours, publicity, and setting up the publishing companies Pan-American Music and later Antobal Music.

Marion also helped translate the smash hit El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor), which could be heard that historic April afternoon in 1930, at the RKO Palace Theatre in New York City, when Don Azpiazu and his Havana Casino Orchestra first...

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