Cappy Lewis

Born in Brillion, Wisconsin, Carroll “Cappy” Lewis (1917-1992) was a veteran of the swing era, Lewis’ playing will conjure up some happy memories for jazz fans who remember his many solo endeavors with Woody Herman and Tommy Dorsey’s bands.

He grew up in the shadow of the Green Bay Packers football team and in the mid-thirties was already a veteran trumpet man, workingin the best territory bands in Wisconsin and then settling down in Milwaukee with Ernie Palmquist’s unit before joining that other Milwaukee native, Woody Herman, in 1939.

Once launched on the swing era road bands as a member of the Herman trumpet section, Cappy Lewis made quite a name for himself, first with the old Woodchopper and then with Tommy Dorsey, whom he joined in 1943. After a stint in the U.S. Army, Cappy rejoined Woody Herman in 1946 (the great Chubby Jackson-Bill Harris era for Woody Herman) and then after a...

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