Helen Carr

Helen Carr was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1922. She started singing as a child, and realized there was money in singing for an audience at a very young age. So, even though her first job in high school was as an usherette in a theatre, her dream was always to become a singer. Her family later moved to Illinois, and in 1936, after her father’s death, Helen and her mother started traveling around the country to finally settle in Oakland, California.

There is much speculation about her artistic beginnings, as there was another vocalist named Helen Carr on the west coast, presumably older, who performed in an amateur vocal contest at the Gateway Theater in Oakland in 1936, as published by the Oakland Tribune on July 28th of that year. It was not the same Helen though, because our singer took her last name Carr only after marrying Walter Carr in June 1941. A third singer with same...

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