Skip Martin

Lloyd "Skip" Martin (1916-1976) was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He immediately began arranging for big bands. Seriously, according to his mother, at the age of one and a half he toddled over to the piano and sounded middle C. After spending the required amount of years getting an education, he headed for his objective. Almost before he was out of short pants (he had heard about Benny Goodman going to work at the age of eleven), he began his climb to the musical heights (none of them Horace).

While he was in high school he was a well-known clarinet player in a junior symphony, and played all through his curriculum at Indiana University, then went on to work at the famous WLW radio station in Cincinnati. Around 1936 he began his career as a side man and arranger with the Gus Arnheim Orchestra, also arranging for Count Basie which he has continued to do up for years. Following this...

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