Changes (Digipack)
  • Santi de la Rubia
    Santi de la Rubia
  • Vinícius Gomes
    Vinícius Gomes
  • Doug Weiss
    Doug Weiss
  • Jorge Rossy
    Jorge Rossy

Santi de la Rubia

Changes (Digipack)

Fresh Sound New Talent

Santi de la Rubia (ts, ss), Vinícius Gomes (g), Doug Weiss (b), Jorge Rossy (d)

Reference: FSNT-611

Bar code: 8427328436113

“Change is the only constant.” My aunt and cousin used it repeatedly but it was only in 2018, when I migrated from Brazil to Europe, that I fully understood the meaning of this phrase. I moved in order to explore uncertain grounds, analogous to the ones that we, as improvising musicians, are all too familiar with when playing and creating music together. Experiencing my first real winter, the language barrier and the distance from loved ones forced me to dive into a journey of self-discovery.

During this journey I met Santi and our paths synchronized. Our friendship evolved through countless hours of working together, every day, for practically one year while living in Basel —Switzerland. We have a kind of connection that happens only with esthetic affinity and intense cooperation. As such, we decided to make a record, invited Jorge, who is the combination of a mentor and friend to us, and he brought Doug to form the quartet heard here.

This was the first time that I had another musician’s sound in mind while writing. Because of my great admiration for Santi’s musicianship, I aspired to write melodies and harmonies that would do his musical universe justice. All of my writing for this record is dedicated to, and inspired by, him, explicitly the track “Friendship.” Santi’s compositions here are clear reflections of that universe, an open book showing a blend of strength and gentlemanly behavior, adjectives that apply not only to his music but to his personal character. We also had the fortune of co-writing music for this record, a gratifying experience which I gain greater appreciation for each time it happens.

If change really is the only constant, and so much has changed in our lives and society since this album was recorded, friendship is the thread that reminds us of where we came from and who we are.”

—Vinícius Gomes (From the inside liner notes)

Album details

Santi de la Rubia (tenor & soprano sax), Vinícius Gomes (guitars), Doug Weiss (bass), Jorge Rossy (drums).
Recorded at Jazzcampus, Basel, Switzerland, July 1 & 2, 2019

Sound engineer: Patrik Zosso
Assistant engineer: Naama Lavee
Mixed by Daniel Dettwiler at Idee und Klang Studio, Basel
Additional nylon guitar recordings at "Da Pá Virada" Studios by Thiago 'Big' Rabello, São Paulo, Brazil

Produced by Santi de la Rubia & Vinícius Gómes
Executive producer: Jordi Pujol
Blue Moon Producciones Discograficas S.L.

Press reviews

"The talented jazz guitarist Vinícius Gómes migrated from his native Brazil to Europe only back in 2018 but quickly developed bonds that fostered his musical growth. His key professional relationship and friendship came about when he met Barcelona-based saxophonist Santi de la Rubia, a bond that blossomed into a collaborative record.

Working together to write originals and assembling a quartet with drummer Jorge Rossy (Brad Mehldau) and bassist Doug Weiss (Chris Potter), Changes is a meeting of two minds and four aces.

We’re premiering a video above of the title track from this album of uniformly high quality. It’s a track that puts a lot of prowess on display starting with a composition that’s deceptive in how well it hides the complexities nested within it, making it easier to absorb and just enjoy without any effort. The litheness that everyone brings to it is a big reason why, starting with Weiss’ opening bass statement.

Gómes' turn in the spotlight features fast but fluid lines while de la Rubia used his time to blow that tenor with the right amount of passion and soaring up with the brief key change. But the best moment occurs right in between those solos, when the two connect flawlessly on a knotted and rapid unison pattern."

S. Victor Aaron (January 26, 2021)

"Changes és el darrer treball del saxo valencià Santi de la Rubia. Enregistrat al Jazz-campus de Basilea, Suïssa, a inicis del mes de juliol ha estat publicat sota el parai-gua del segell Fresh Sound. De la Rubia explota el seu so rodejat en aquesta ocasió de la mà de Vinícius Gomes a la guitarra, Doug Weiss al baix i Jorge Rossy a la bateria. Un treball de nou peces i quaran-ta-sis minuts, on destaca la creació "Black Forest", tema que és tota una declaració d'intencions que dona sentit global el treball."

—Joel Codina (Gener, 2021)


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Changes (Digipack)
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