Gerard Chumilla

Gerard Chumilla Pérez (Caldes d’Estrac, 1999) is a Spanish jazz saxophonist and composer based in Switzerland. He started studying music at the age of five in a small town just up the coast from near Barcelona. Although spending the first years studying classical saxophone, he switched to Jazz at the age of 15 due to a big interest from an early age towards this music. Jazz strummed his heartstrings, and the seeds of his passion and devotion towards it began to take root. It was during these years that he decided to pursue music professionally.

Gerard began his Bachelor's studies in Barcelona under the direction of Prof. Eladio Reinón, as his saxophone teacher. Eladio became an important mentor who inspired and pushed him to practice intensely. He helped Gerard shape his goals and find a personal direction in music. In addition to strengthening his base through jazz lessons, Gerard...

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