Jorge Rossy, Nat Su & Dominique Girod

The proposal of his Rossy-Su-Girod “Three Trios” part of the capacity of two of its members, Nat Su (alto sax and drums) and Jorge Rossy (drums and vibraphone), to change their roles within the group. Thus, around the spine that forms the double bass of Dominique Girod, they pivot their companions, offering three possible combinations marked all by the musical quality that is placed on the stage.

A first trio of alto saxophone, double bass and drums is played by a vibraphone, double bass and a new drummer, to close the range of possibilities without this last instrument in a last formation of saxophone, vibraphone and double bass. A very refreshing sound and conceptual variety, all with a casual, spontaneous, lyrical and with a lot of swing spirit.

Not in vain, Jorge Rossy is internationally recognized as one of the most influential drummers of his generation, which has led him to...

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