Cédric Caillaud

Born in La Rochelle in 1976, Cédric Caillaud was a latecomer to music. He took his first musical steps finding his own way around the bass guitar before switching to double bass at the age of twenty. Cédric moved to Paris in October 2000 and enrolled at the IACP school where he studied alongside the Belmondo brothers and was taught double bass by Clovis Nicolas. He was also given private double bass lessons by Pierre Boussaguet. Cédric went on to take a number of lessons with Daniel Marillier (the renowned Paris Opera House soloist) as an auditeur libre. In New York, he took private lessons with Joe Martin, Barach Mori, and Neal Miner. Cédric also attended master classes given by pianists Richie Beirach and Kenny Barron, and the trumpeter, Tom Harrell.

Cédric has worked as a professional musician since 1998 and has performed at a wide variety of musical and theatrical events. Although...

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