René Urtreger

René Urtreger has always been an extraordinarily gifted pianist, an assured player who delivers his unhurried flow of ideas with swing and clean improvisations. By the age of eighteen he already stood out as a jazzman. The way he understood the conventions of bop piano even at a young age, playing the style as if he were born into it, soon made him one of the essential figures in the development of modern French jazz.

Born in Paris on July 6, 1934, Urtreger started on piano at the age of five. With the German occupation of France, he was forced to leave his city, and so from six to eleven he didn’t get a chance to study. He moved from town to town in the South of France and North Africa, until 1945, when he went back to Paris and resumed his musical education. He started taking private lessons from Conservatory teacher Rose Lejour, and finished at age sixteen with a clear preference...

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