Mr. Vibes · Quartet & Octet Sessions 1958-60 (2-CD)
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    Columbia ESDF 1224
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    Columbia FPX 173
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  • Michel Hausser
    Michel Hausser

Michel Hausser

Mr. Vibes · Quartet & Octet Sessions 1958-60 (2-CD)

Fresh Sound Records

Michel Hausser (vib, xyl, p), Roger Guérin, Donald Byrd (tp), Luis Fuentes (tb), Dominique Chanson (as, fl), Bobby Jaspar (fl, ts), Bob Garcia, Zoot Sims (ts), Henri Renaud, René Urtreger, Georges Arvanitas, Walter Davis (p), Ricardo Galeazzi, Paul Rovère, Michel Gaudry, Doug Watkins (b), Dante Agostini, Daniel Humair, Kenny Clarke, Art Taylor (d), Humberto Canto (perc)

Reference: FSRCD 994

Bar code: 8427328609944

The vibraphone was still a relative novelty in the jazz scene of the 1950s, particularly in Europe. Its leading proponents in the modern jazz field were Belgian Sadi and French Geo Daly during the first half of the decade. It wouldn’t be until 1955 that another vibes player from France irrupted on the scene: his name, Michel Hausser, and his main influence the art of “Bags” Milt Jackson, his imposing skill, and the role it had in the success of the MJQ.

It was at the end of 1956 that Michel’s trio had the opportunity to open “Le Chat qui Pêche,” a new jazz club that would soon become one of the most popular in Paris. His exciting performances were the talk of the town and paired with the exposure that Hausser received recording with Lucky Thompson and such bandleaders as Christian Chevallier and Quincy Jones, they earned him first place in the 1958 Jazz-Hot poll awards, the first of many in his career.

Although the blues-oriented improvisations and emotional content of Jackson’s approach were evident in Michel’s playing, at the core, his style had a more outgoing flair. In this double CD we can listen to Michel Hausser’s recordings from his prolific Parisian years. Although he has never stopped playing, his name seems to vanish from jazz magazines in 1969, when he returned to his native Alsace, but even so, Michel Hausser will forever remain a referent for jazz vibraphonists everywhere.


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Total time: 154:21 min.

Album details

CD2 #16-18: Live bonus tracks

Sources CD 1:
Tracks #1-4, from the 7-inch EP "Au Chat qui Pêche Vol. 1" (Columbia ESDF 1224)
Tracks #5-10, live recordings
Tracks #11-16, from the album "Vibes + Flute" (Columbia FPX 173)
Tracks #17-20, from the 7-inch EP "Michel Hausser Quartet Vol.2" (Columbia ESDF 1254)

Sources CD 2:
Tracks #1-7, from the album "Bobby Jaspar Quartet Featuring Michel Hausser"
(Barclay 84.063)
Tracks #8-15, from the album "Michel Hausser Octet -Up in Hamburg"
(Columbia FPX 189)
Tracks #16-18, live recordings

Personnel on CD 1:

Tracks #1-10: Micher Hausser, vibes; Henri Renaud, piano; Ricardo Galeazzi, bass; Dante Agostini, drums.
Paris, April 23, 1958 [1-4] and live at Festival de Jazz de Cannes, July 11, 1958 [5-10]

Tracks #11-16: Bobby Jaspar, flute (11-14); Michel Hausser, vibes; René Urtreger, piano (11-14); Paul Rovère, bass; Daniel Humair, drums.
Recorded in Paris, December 16, 1958 [11-14] and February 9, 1959 [15-16]

Tracks #17-20: Michel Hausser, vibes; René Urtreger, piano; Paul Rovère, bass; Daniel Humair, drums.
Recorded in Paris, November 9 & 10, 1959

Personnel on CD 2:

Tracks #1-7: Bobby Jaspar, flute; Michel Hausser, vibes & xylophone #3, 6); Paul Rovère, bass; Kenny Clarke, drums; Humberto Canto, bongos (#1, 3, 5, 6).
Recorded in Paris, December 19, 1958

Tracks #8-15: Roger Guérin, trumpet; Luis Fuentes, trombone; Dominique Chanson, flute & alto sax; Bob Garcia, tenor sax; Michel Hausser, vibes & piano (#13); René Urtreger, piano (out on #13); Michel Gaudry, bass; Daniel Humair, drums.
Recorded in Hamburg, March 1960

Tracks #16 & 17: Michel Hausser All Stars
Michel Hausser, vibes; Georges Arvanitas, piano; Michel Gaudry, bass; Charles Bellonzi, drums. Roger Guérin, trumpet; and Bob Garcia, tenor sax, added on #17.
Live au Festival de Jazz d’Antibes Juan-les-Pins, July 18, 1961

Track #18: Jam Session with the Donald Byrd Quintet
Featuring Zoot Sims & Michel Hausser
Donald Byrd, trumpet; Bobby Jaspar, Zoot Sims, tenor saxes; Michel Hausser, vibes; Walter Davis, piano; Doug Watkins, bass; Art Taylor, drums.
Live at Festival de Jazz de Cannes, July, 11, 1958

This compilation produced for CD release by Jordi Pujol
Mastered by Peter De Wagter
Liner notes written by Jordi Pujol

Hi Fi · 24-Bit Digitally Remastered
Blue Moon Producciones Discograficas S.L.
Special thanks to Christian Dangleterre


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Mr. Vibes · Quartet & Octet Sessions 1958-60 (2-CD)
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