Roger Guérin

Roger Guérin was recognized as one of the best French trumpet technicians. Without having the extraordinary means of a “natural” trumpet like Aimé Barelli, he easily surpassed most of his comrades by how easily he controlled the sound of his trumpet, its sonority, and by his power and purity in the higher ranges. Not that he was a specialist of the high notes, like his friend lead trumpet Fred Gérard. He was rather a balanced trumpet player, able to use his instrument in all its possibilities, and although he did not tease the high G with the same ease as Gérard, he was much superior in the lower end, where the roundness of his tone allowed him to blend perfectly among trombones and saxophones.

He was born January 9, 1926 in Sarrebruck. His father screened films on tours, but he took more after his grandfather, who was a violinist—an instrument Guérin played since he was eight and...

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