Jean-Pierre Sasson

Jean-Pierre Sasson (1918-1999) was a magnificent yet often overlooked figure in the history of French jazz guitar. Despite his remarkable contributions during the golden era of French jazz in the 1950s, Sasson’s legacy has sadly faded from memory. In 1939, he took his first steps into the professional music scene, initially drawn to the strong personality of Django Reinhardt, but ultimately developing his style based on the schools of Teddy Bunn and Al Casey. Listening to them, Sasson learned to interpret the blues with an authentically black spirit.

Amid the upheavals of World War II, Sasson moved to London in 1940, where he continued to interact with the English jazz scene until he joined the R.A.F., serving as captain-pilot until the end of World War II. Upon returning to France in 1946, Sasson was captivated by Charlie Christian’s electrically amplified guitar, and single-string...

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