Gérard Gustin

Originally from Nice, Gérard Gustin was born on February 10, 1930. Despite not achieving the same level of recognition in the jazz scene as some of his French counterparts, he can be considered one of the finest pianists of his generation.

Gérard’s musical journey began at the age of nine when he started taking violin lessons. However, upon discovering his lack of affinity for the instrument, his father bought him a Klein upright piano. Under the  guidance of a new teacher, he embarked on piano lessons, which continued until 1946 when he entered the Nice Conservatory, emerging as the top student among forty.

During his time at the conservatory, Gérard’s love for jazz became apparent. Alongside his rigorous practice of Czerny’s exercises, he would often, albeit discreetly when the professor was absent, explore the realms of boogie-woogie, much to the delight of his fellow students...

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