Alma Brasileira

Alma Brasileira is a real journey. A joyful and surprising pilgrimage through Brazilian music, and a singular way of feeling this culture. They stroll along paths which have been opened by jazz, moving smoothly through improvisation, recreating themselves in the interaction of the musicians, and thus giving birth to an album which is alive.

Composed by Àlvar Monfort (trumpet & flugelhorn), Piero Cozzi (alto sax), Jaume Vilaseca (piano), Ramiro Pinheiro (voice & guitars), Rodrigo Balduino (bass), and Pedrinho Augusto (drums), with the guest assistance of Pablo Giménez (flute).

[...] In this exhibition of landscapes and rhythms there is, at the same time, an homogeneous concept, a unity which breathes diversity, a varnish which gives it all a unique brightness. It is a band that resembles a journey, a Viagem Nova.

-Ana Rossi

Alma Brasileira Albums

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