Gafieira Miuda

The universe of Brazilian ballroom dance through the classics of “Samba de Gafieira.” Gafieira Miúda presents a small version of a gafieira orchestra, adapted to recreate the universe of this Brazilian dance. The costumes of the musicians combined with the energy of the band lead you to the magical environment of this traditional style.

Connected with the band Alma Brasileira, Gafieira Miúda features fellow fellow mates, singer Ana Rossi, the guitars of Ramiro Pinheiro, trumpet and flugelhorn Àlvar Monfort, trombonist Alexis Ortega, electric bassist Rodrigo Balduíno, drummer Jeffe Otto, and the exotic percussion-kit of Crá Rosa.

The group interprets gafieira samba classics as “Beija-Me” (Mário Rossi and Roberto Martins), “Sem Compromisso” (Geraldo Pereira and Nelson Trigueiro), and also contemporary sambas such as “Made in NY” (Tania Maria) and “Maria das Mercedes” (Djavan).
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Gafieira Miuda Albums

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