• Bernier, Govin & Ernault
    Bernier, Govin & Ernault

Joachim Govin


Fresh Sound New Talent

Joachim Govin (b), Ludovic Ernault (as), Simon Bernier (d)

Reference: FSNT-630

Bar code: 8427328436304

It is now a bit more than 15 years since I became a pianoless "tree-o" lover. The first memories I have of this are Coltrane's solos, with the magnificent Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones. From that moment and still today, it embodies in my mind the very roots of music, the trinity of what makes me vibrate through the sound of jazz: rhythm, bass, melody/roots, trunk, branches and leaves.

After years and years of listening to Kenny Garrett, Myron Walden, Ben Van Gelder or Gaël Horellou’s trios, I finally found my ideal partners for this particular formula: the beautiful and soulful Ludovic Ernault and Simon Bernier. Playing with them feels like being part of the holy Tree of Life. Thank you for this!

—Joachim Govin

"The most endearing virtue of the music on this set is its sincerity and emotional quality, which is displayed with warm feeling and a lack of pretentious devices by the excellent alto sax-bass-drums trio. The group was organized by its bassist Joachim Govin under the name of Tree.

There is a consistent and relaxed interaction within the trio, whether creating moving ballad forms or exciting up-tempo patterns. They play a collection of well-known standards with abundant technical resources and a very honest approach. Govin displays a solid jazz-based feeling on his instrument, producing a melodic flow that he communicates forcefully and unerringly throughout the set. Aside from Govin’s full toned bass, Simon Bernier shows how the drums can best support and stimulate the unit. In addition to adding rhythmic excitement, he displays a subtle use of colorful sounds.

The third member of the group, Ludovic Ernault, has become one of the important altoists in jazz. He plays with a cool sound and a direct and melodic style, displaying swing, taste and fluid imagination. His conception is smoothly flowing and never contrived.

When the altoist solos, Govin and Bernier, while displaying the ability to fulfill Ernault’s lucid intentions and musical directions, create a vital time structure and ensemble sound as well as contributing inventive solos. The close communication between the musicians, along with their impeccable musicianship, results in a set of jazz that is captivating."

—Jordi Pujol

Album details

Joachim Govin (bass), Ludovic Ernault (alto sax), Simon Bernier (drums).
Recorded at Studio de la Rivière, Coudeville-sur-Mer, France, April 21 & 22, 2020

Sound engineer: Simon Martineau
Mixed & mastered by Antoine Martineau
Cover art by Barbara Govin
Photography: Juliette Poitrenaud & Simon Bernier

Produced by Joachim Govin
Exceuctive producer: Jordi Pujol

This sound recording © 2022 by Fresh Sound Records
Blue Moon Producciones Discograficas, S.L.

Press reviews

CHOC Jazz Magazine (Juin, 2022)


"Après deux albums en quartet (Ven Van Gelder, Tony Tixier et Gautier Garrigue). Joachim Govin resserre la maille pour passer en trio avec Simon Bernier à la batterie et Ludovic Ernault au saxophone alto. Le contrabassiste a décidément le goût de bien s'entourer. Sur un répertoire majoritairement composé de standards du jazz moderne se déploie un magnifique triangle mélodique, alliant souplesse rythmique et finesse harmonique (le dits standards sont relus avec acuité et dans le detail). Dans une veine très cool, alternant l'élan et la ligne (comme chez Lee Konitz ou Warne Marsh), Joachim Govin drive aussi ses partenaires avec détermination et générosité. Non pas la main de fer dans un gant de velours, mais presque (la place à l'autre est offerte, avec confiance plutôt qu'autorité). Si on ne lui vole plus sa contrabasse dans le train, l'avenir devrait être radieux pour cet album qui l'est tout autant!"

—Bruno Guermonprez (Juillet, 2022)
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