Music for Bang, Baa-Room and Harp (Digipack)
  • Dick Schory
    Dick Schory

Dick Schory

Music for Bang, Baa-Room and Harp (Digipack)

Blue Moon Golden Series

Dick Schory (dir), Willis Charkovsky (p), Harold Siegel, John Frigo (b), Earl Backus (g, bjo), John Gray (g), Russell Crandall, Carol Baum (harp), Bobby Christian, Edward Metzenger Dale Anderson, Hubert Anderson, Frank Rullo, Bob Wessberg, Tom Davis, Jim Ross (perc)

Reference: BMCD 834

Bar code: 8427328008341


· Collectors Edition issued in Digipack
· Original LP + Bonus Tracks
· Original Cover Art and Liner Notes
· Living Stereo Recordings
· Newly Remastered in 24-Bit

THE NEW PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE is the creation of Dick Schory, a uniquely talented young man to whom percussion has become a way of life (see cover). His group of twelve has been together almost two years.

Many divide their time between the Chicago Symphony and the top recording and broadcasting bands. Ed Metzenger, Reiners top timpanist, is considered a dean of the percussive art and started many in the group on their present careers. Dick Schory also appears with the Chicago Symphony, composes, conducts, has lecture tours, writes books, is advertising and educational director for Ludwig. The impressive thing ishe does these all at once.

Bob Bollard, 1958

01. National Emblem March (Arranged: Mike Simpson) 2:43
02. Baia (Arranged: Dick Schory and Willis Charkovsky) 2:31
03. Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (Arranged: Bobby Christian) 2:11
04. Ding Dong Polka (Composed and arranged: Willis Charkovsky) 2:35
05. April in Paris (Arranged: Mike Simpson) 3:06
06. Holiday in a Hurry (Composed and arranged: Skitch Henderson) 2:28
07. Buck Dance (Arranged: Mike Simpson) 2:30
08. Duel on the Skins (Composed and arranged: Bobby Christian
Drums: Frank Rullo & Bobby Christian) 3:22
09. September in the Rain (Arranged: Skitch Henderson) 2:33
10. Tiddley Winks (Composed and arranged: Willis Charkovsky) 1:50
11. The Sheik of Araby (Arranged: Bobby Christian) 2:37
12. Typee (Composed and arranged: Dick Schory & Bobby Christian) 3:32

Album details

Recorded in Orchestra Hall, Chicago, on June 2 & 3, 1958

The biggest battery of percussion west of Cape Canaveral
An approximate instrument inventory:

· Piano
· String Bass
· 2 Guitars
· Banjo
· Harp
· 2 Complete Dance Outfits
· Celesta
· 2 Vibraphones
· 3 Xylophones
· 2 Marimbas
· 2 Sets Orchestra Bells
· Chromatic Cowbells
· 8 Timpani
· 3 High Tom-Toms
· 4 Low Tom-Toms
· 4 Medium Tom-Toms
· 3 Snare Drums
· 2 Field Drums
· 2 Tenor Drums
· Concert Bass Drum
· Scotch Bass Drum
· Bongo Drums
· Conga Drums
· Quinto
· Boo Bam
· Timbales
· Rhythm Logs
· Maracas
· Guiro
· Claves
· 2 Pr. Antique Finger Cymbals
· 6 Pr. Double Cymbals
· 8 Suspended Cymbals
· Boka-di-Bok Cymbals
· 4 Gongs
· 5 Temple Blocks
· 4 Woodblocks
· 4 Tambourines
· 4 Triangles
· 4 Pr. Castanets
· Auto Brake Drums
· 3 Auto Horns
· 2 Slapsticks
· Rachet
· Sand Blocks
· Bell Plate
· Anvil
· Coo-Coo Whistle
· Siren Whistle
· Slide Whistle
· Assorted Sound Effects...

Stereo · 96 kHz / 24-Bit Digitally Remastered
Blue Moon Producciones Discográficas, S.L.

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Music for Bang, Baa-Room and Harp (Digipack)
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