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Jazz Goes Dancing: Prom to Prom & Campus Hop (2 LPs on 1 CD)

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RCA LPM-1320

RCA LPM-1662

Dave Pell Octet

Jazz Goes Dancing: Prom To Prom & Campus Hop (2 Lps On 1 Cd)

Dave Pell

Featuring: Don Fagerquist, Jack Sheldon (tp), Ray Sims, Bob Enevoldsen (tb), Dave Pell (ts), Marty Berman, Med Flory (bs), Arnold Ross, Paul Moer (p), Tony Rizzi, Tommy Tedesco (g), Bob Bates, Buddy Clark (b), Irving Kluger, Mel Lewis (d)


Shortly after it was formed in 1953, the Dave Pell Octet won best new combo of the year in polls conducted by America’s Daily News and Mirror newspapers. Six of its eight members were included in Down Beat magazine’s 1953 poll of the top musicians in the country. Pell and his group flipped fans everywhere they appeared, specializing in Proms and School Dances, and becoming the first name jazz group ever to play for dancing at one of the top Sunset Strip clubs, The Crescendo, and also the Hollywood Palladium.

Its jazz was described variously as tasty, sophisticated, subtle, warm, bright, clean, friendly, inventive, happy, and a complete show and concert rolled into one. One successful Octet approach was to have the crowd gather around the bandstand to watch it play a fast jive number featuring the band’s excellent soloists.

An essential contributing factor in the Octet’s success was that Pell hired the West Coast’s finest arrangers to write the beguilingly melodic and always attractive, danceable band charts; people of the calibre of Marty Paich, Bill Holman, Shorty Rogers, Jack Montrose, Med Flory, John T. Williams. And it was this canny combination of quality and accessibility that really made the Octet’s name and gave the music its enduring flavour. In Dave’s own words: “Here’s hoping you enjoy our combined dance-and-jazz Campus Hop!”


01. Look Who’s Dancing (Schwartz-Fields) 3:16
02. East of the Sun (Bowman) 3:02
03. You (Donaldson-Adamson) 2:50
04. Young and Healthy (Gordon-Dubin) 3:20
05. The Continental (Magidson-Conrad) 2:34
06. Dance for Daddy (Pell) 2:42
07. When I Take My Sugar to Tea
(Fain-Kahal-Norman) 2:58
08. If I Had You (Shapiro-Campbell-Connelly) 2:44
09. Cheek to Cheek (Berlin) 2:53
10. Let’s Face the Music and Dance (Berlin) 3:05
11. Prom to Prom (Pell) 2:53
12. Walkin’ My Baby Back Home (Ahlert-Turk) 2:58
13. Java Junction (Warren) 4:15
14. You’re My Everything
(Warren-Young-Dixon) 2:47
15. Forty-second Street (Warren-Dubin) 4:14
16. By the River Sainte Marie (Warren-Leslie) 3:02
17. I Know Why and So Do You
(Warren-Gordon) 3:55
18. We’re in the Money (Warren-Dubin) 3:29
19. Cheerful Little Earful (Warren-Rose-Dixon) 3:01
20. Would You Like to Take a Walk
(Warren-Rose-Dixon) 4:34
21. Lulu’s Back in Town (Warren-Dubin) 3:21
22. I’ll String Along with You (Warren-Dubin) 2:33
23. Remember Me (Warren-Dubin) 3:02
24. Summer Night (Warren-Dubin) 3:01


Tracks #1-12, from the album:
“Jazz Goes Dancing” (Prom to Prom)
RCA Victor LPM-1320

Tracks #13-24, from the album:
“Jazz Goes Dancing” (Campus Hop)
RCA Victor LPM-1662

Personnel on #1-12:

The Dave Pell Octet
Don Fagerquist (trumpet); Ray Sims (trombone); Dave Pell (tenor sax); Marty Berman (baritone sax); Arnold Ross (piano); Tony Rizzi (guitar); Bob Bates (bass); Irving Kluger (drums)

Arrangers: Bill Holman, Jack Montrose, Marty Paich, Wes Hensel, Jerry Fielding, and Jim Emerson

Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, May 28, 31, and June 4, 1956.

Personnel on #13-24:

The Dave Pell Octet
Jack Sheldon (trumpet); Bob Enevoldsen (valve trombone); Dave Pell (tenor sax); Med Flory (baritone sax); Paul Moer (piano); Tommy Tedesco (guitar); Buddy Clark (bass); Mel Lewis (drums)

Arrangers: Shorty Rogers, Marty Paich, Bill Holman, Med Flory and John T. Williams

Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, November 12, 14 & 27, 1957.

Original recordings produced by Shorty Rogers
Booklet & tray card photos © Fresh Sound Archives

Compiled for CD reissue by Jordi Pujol

24-Bit Digitally Remastered



" Dave Pell was a saxophonist who worked in Les Brown's band on the American West Coast from 1947 to 1955. In 1953 he formed his octet, which included some musicians who had played for Les Brown, such as Don Fagerquist and Ray Sims. Dave Pell won considerable popularity by playing in colleges and for high school proms, concentrating on jazz which was suitable for dancing. The music was of high quality, thanks especially to the talented arrangers that Pell employed, including Bill Holman, Marty Paich, Shorty Rogers and Jack Montrose.

The Octet made two LPs called Jazz Goes Dancing, the first in 1956 sub-titled 'Prom to Prom' and the second in 1957 subtitled 'Campus Hop'. This CD contains both albums. They consist of tight, disciplined arrangements which make the most of the eight musicians. Each track contains a good deal of ensemble writing, leaving limited room for jazz solos. What solos there are seldom last for more than 16 bars. Only four of the dozen tracks on the first LP last for longer than three minutes.

One danger of such short, clean arrangements is that they can seem soulless, but that tendency is kept at bay with interesting treatments of the tunes. For instance, Let's Face the Music and Dance is taken at an unusually slow tempo, and Forty-second Street is updated from its old-fashioned mood to sound like a cool modern arrangement.

Dave Pell himself had a clipped style on the tenor sax, without much vibrato - somewhat similar to the style of altoist Lee Konitz. The trumpeters on both LPs are excellent, with Jack Sheldon particularly notable on We're in the Money and Would You Like to Take a Walk. Med Flory's solos on baritone sax are well worth hearing.

This album is certainly well-suited to dancing but also to listening, as it is full of musical subtleties."

Tony Augarde
March, 2013

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