The Warm World of João Gilberto · The Man Who Invented Bossa Nova (2-LP Set · Audiophile 180 gr. Vinyl) Limited Edition
  • All lyrics in 4-page 12-inch inner sheet
    All lyrics in 4-page 12-inch inner sheet
  • João Gilberto
    João Gilberto
  • Side A
    Side A
  • Side B
    Side B
  • Side C
    Side C
  • Side D
    Side D

João Gilberto

The Warm World of João Gilberto · The Man Who Invented Bossa Nova (2-LP Set · Audiophile 180 gr. Vinyl) Limited Edition


João Gilberto (g, vcl), Antonio Carlos Jobim, Walter Wanderley (arr, dir), Nicolino Cópia 'Copinha' (fl), Edmundo Maciel (tb), Milton Banana (d), Juquinha, Rubens Bassini, Guarany (perc), Milton, Acyr, Edgardo (vcl)

Reference: UBLP 33-101 LP

Bar code: 8427328486026


Format: LP / 12" / 33rpm / STEREO
Catalogue Reference: UBLP 33-101
Bar code (not printed): 8427328486019
Recording Year: 1958-1961
Country of Pressing: Spain
Comments: 2-LP Set Gatefold release
Limited Edition to 200 copies
Includes 4-page 12-inch inner sheet with all lyrics
Complete recordings from the period
Sealed New Copy
Cover Grade: MINT
Vinyl Grade: MINT

The poet Vinícius de Moraes pointed out that the bossa nova movement began after his first songs with Antonio Carlos Jobim appeared in the 1958 album Canção do Amor Demais, sung by Elizete Cardoso and played by an unknown 28 year-old guitarist from Baia named João Gilberto. He accompanied the singer (in two songs “Chega de Saudade” and “Outra vez”) with a new rhythmic feeling, “batida”, and with rich harmonies that would become the trademark of the modern Brazilian samba, which became known as Bossa Nova.


Side A
1. Chega de Saudade (Jobim-De Moraes) 2:00
2. Bim Bom (João Gilberto) 1:12
3. Hó Bá Lá Lá Lá (João Gilberto) 2:14
4. Desafinado (Jobim-Mendonça) 1:57
5. Brigas, Nunca Mais (Jobim-De Moraes) 2:03
6. Morena Boca de Ouro (Ary Barroso) 1:56
7. Maria Ninguém (Carlos Lyra) 2:20
8. Lobo Bobo (Lyra-Bôscoli) 1:18
9. Aos Pés da Cruz (Pinto-Gonçalves) 1:31
10. É Luxo Só (Barroso-Peixoto) 1:54

Side B
1. Saudade Fez um Samba (Lyra-Bôscoli) 1:46
2. Rosa Morena (Dorival Caymmi) 2:02
3. Manhã de Carnaval (Luiz Bonfá) 2:31
4. O Nosso Amor / A Felicidade (De Moraes / Jobim-De Moraes) 3:03
5. Só Em Teus Braços (Antonio C. Jobim) 1:44
6. Se é Tarde Me Perdoa (Lyra-Bôscoli) 1:41
7. Meditação (Jobim-Mendonça) 1:43
8. Corcovado (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 1:55
9. Discussão (Jobim-Mendonça) 1:47
10. Amor Certinho (Roberto Guimarães) 1:49

Side C
1. Um Abraço no Bonfá (João Gilberto) 1:34
2. Doralice (Almeida-Caymmi) 1:24
3. Samba de Uma Nota Só (Jobim-Mendonça) 1:35
4. O Pato (Silva-Texeira) 1:57
5. Outra Vez (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 1:48
6. Trevo de 4 Folhas (Im Looking Over a 4-Leaf Clover)
(Nilo Sergio - Adpt: Woods-Dixon) 1:21
7. Bolinha de Papel (Geraldo Pereira) 1:15
8. Samba da Minha Terra (Dorival Caymmi) 2:19
9. Saudade da Bahia (Dorival Caymmi) 2:16
10. Trenzinho (Trem de Ferro) (Lauro Maia) 1:48
11. Presente de Natal (Nelcy Noronha) 1:50

Side D
1. O Barquinho (Menescal-Bôscoli) 2:28
2. Insensatez (Jobim-De Moraes) 2:22
3. O Amor em Paz (Jobim-De Moraes) 2:19
4. Coisa Mais Linda (Lyra-De Moraes) 2:48
5. Você e Eu (Lyra-De Moraes) 2:28
6. A Primeira Vez (Marçal-Barcellos) 1:50
7. Este Seu Olhar (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 2:11
8. Este Seu Olhar (Jobim) 2:34 [Bonus track]

Album details

Side A #1-10 and Side B #1-2, from "Chega de Saudade" (12" LP) Brasil, Odeon 3073 (1959) USA issue "The Warm World of João Gilberto" Atlantic 8076 (1963)

Side B #3-4 from "João Gilberto" (7" EP, 33rpm) Brasil, Odeon 7BD-1034 (1959) (7" EP, 45rpm) - Brasil, Odeon BWB 1092 (1959)

Side B #5-10 and Side C #1-6, from "O amor, o sorriso e a flor" (12" LP) Brasil, Odeon 3151 (1960) USA issue "Brazil's Brilliant João Gilberto" Capitol T-10280 (1962)

Side C #7-11 and Side D #1-7 from "João Gilberto" (12" LP) Brasil, Odeon 3202 (1961) USA issue "The Boss of the Bossa Nova" Atlantic 8070 (1962)

Side D #39 Issued only on Atlantic 8070

Personnel on "Chega de Saudade":
Music arranged and conducted by A.C. Jobim.
João Gilberto (guitar, vocals). Musicians featured in these sides: Nicolino Cópia Copinha & Jorge Ferreira da Silva "Jorginho" flute; Edmundo Maciel, trombone, Milton Banana (Antonio de Souza), drums; Guarany, percussion; Juquinha, triangle, Rubens Bassini, bongo; Milton, Acyr e Edgardo, choir.

Personnel on "João Gilberto":
João Gilberto (guitar, vocals) with Orchestra.

Personnel on "O amor, o sorriso e a flor":
João Gilberto (guitar, vocals) with orchestra arranged and conducted by Antonio Carlos Jobim

Personnel on Side C #1: Guitar solo, arranged by João Gilberto

Personnel on "João Gilberto":
Side C #7-11: João Gilberto (guitar, vocals) with Walter Wanderley Group
Side D #1-4: with orchestra arranged by Jobim
Side D #5-6: with Jobim (piano) and rhythm
Side D #7: Gilberto accompanies himself on guitar
Side D #8: Gilberto with Jobim (piano) and rhythm

Original recordings produced by Aloysio de Oliveira
This compilation produced for release by Jordi Pujol
Blue Moon Producciones Discograficas S.L.

Press reviews

"The Warm World of João Gilberto: The Man Who Invented Bossa Nova, features three sensational and highly influential bossa nova albums by João Gilberto. The set's title is a little misleading. Gilberto wasn't the inventor of the bossa nova. That title belongs to composers and singer-guitarists Carlos Lyra and Roberto Menescal. They began developing the warm instrumental and vocal style at Rio de Janeiro's hotel clubs in the late 1950s. But Gilberto was certainly the singer-guitarist who popularized the bossa nova with a voice and sensitive as soft as crushed velvet.

The three albums in this set are Chega de Saudade (1959), O Amor, o Sorriso e a Flor (1960) and João Gilberto (1961). Gilberto wasn't a prolific composer but he was the bossa nova's first and dominant interpreter. His touch on the guitar and whispered voice gave the bossa nova commercial sensuality. The first album was a monumental bestseller in Brazil, with Gilberto's interpretations of songs by Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes, Carlos Lyra and Ronaldo Bôscoli, Dorival Caymmi and others. The record primed the pump for the bossa nova craze that hit the U.S. beginning with Stan Getz's Jazz Samba in 1962.

For years, all three Gilberto albums have been almost impossible to find on vinyl. Now they have been given a 24-bit restoration and they sound terrific. There are no bad tracks here, and you can listen from start to finish without touching your digital player."

—Marc Myers (May 10, 2022)


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The Warm World of João Gilberto · The Man Who Invented Bossa Nova (2-LP Set · Audiophile 180 gr. Vinyl) Limited Edition
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