Alaide Costa

Alaíde Costa is an important interpreter who had great success in the '60s. Her obstinate adherence to her delicate style, especially suited to the sensitive Brazilian genre modinha, made her be put aside by the cultural industry and she remained forgotten by the masses until her reappearance in Milton Nascimento's Clube da Esquina. She has been performing and recording erratically, but always with a high standard of quality in her dense interpretations. As a composer, she wrote music and lyrics for Afinal, and had partnerships with several important creators, such as Vinícius de Moraes and Geraldo Vandré.

She began to sing in juvenile radio shows and at 13, she won a contest promoted by Paulo Gracindo on his show Seqüência G3 at Radio Tupi RJ, as the best young singer. In the next year, she participated in the Arraia Miúda show, by Renato Murce, on the important Radio Nacional. From...

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