The Prestige Legacy, Vol. 3: The All Star Jam Sessions
  • Sonny Stitt & Gene Ammons
    Sonny Stitt & Gene Ammons

Various Artists

The Prestige Legacy, Vol. 3: The All Star Jam Sessions

Other Labels: Jazz & Vocals

Billy Massey, Art Farmer, Donald Byrd, Idrees Sulieman, Thad Jones, Webster Young (tp), Al Outcalt (tb), Gene Ammons, Sonny Stitt, John Coltrane, Al Cohn, Hank Mobley, Zoot Sims, Bobby Jaspar, Frank Foster (ts), Jackie McLean, Gene Quill, Phil Woods, Hal Stein, Sahib Shihab, John Jenkins (as), Jerome Richardson, Frank Wess (fl), Charlie Bateman, Duke Jordan, Red Garland, Al Haig, Tommy Flanagan, Mal Waldron, Hod O'Brien, Wade Legge (p), Teddy Charles (vib), Kenny Burrell (g), Gene Wright, Addison Farmer, Paul Chambers, Teddy Kotick, Tommy Potter, Doug Watkins (b), Teddy Stewart, Art Taylor, Charles Persip, Louis Hayes, Ed Thigpen, Elvin Jones (d)

Reference: PRCD-24275

Bar code: 090204962259

In the 1950s, Prestige records was to the recorded jam session (or "Blowing Session") as the New York Yankees were to baseball. Like the great prinstripers, prestige boasted a roster of stars. Some were well-stablished, like the power-hitting tenor sax tandem of Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt, but most were still relatively new to jazz's big leagues when they stepped up to the Prestige mike. John Coltrane, Jackie Mclean, Hank Mobley, Donal Byrd, Phil Woods, Art Farmer, Frank Wess, and Frank Foster were coming into their own during the Eisenhower era. Give heavy hitters like these a set of blues changes or the chords to a familiar standard, a solid rhythm section, the chance to stretch out, and the challenge of locking horns with talented peers and many home runs were sure to be launched.

This set's nearly 80 minutes of prime Prestige jamming is nothing less than a grand slam. Or, as the saxophonist eric Alexander writes in his superb liner notes, "This is straightforward, hard-swinging music, performed at the highest level. Essential."

Gene Ammons, Sonny Stitt


01. New Blues up and Down (Ammons-Stitt) 5:09
02. The Happy Blues (Art Farmer) 12:03
03. Just You, Just Me (Greer-Klages) 9:26
04. House of Chan (Phil Woods) 5:49
05. Flickers (Mal Waldron) 6:08
06. A.T. (Frank Foster) 6:42
07. Forty Quarters (Idrees Sulieman) 4:34
08. Pedal Eyes (Mal Waldron) 7:34
09. Touché (Mal Waldron) 6:25
10. Light Blue (Mal Waldron) 7:47
11. Easy Living (Robin-Rainger) 7:35

Album details

Track #1, from the album "Gene Ammons All Star Sessions" (Prestige 7050)
Track #2, from the album "The Happy Blues" (Prestige 70
Track #3, from the album "Tenor Conclave" (Prestige 7074)
Track #4, from the album "The Young Bloods" (Prestige 7080)
Track #5, from the album "All Night Long" (Prestige 7073)
Track #6, from the album "All Day Long" (Prestige 7081)
Track #7, from the album "Three Trumpets" (Prestige 7092)
Track #8, from the album "Four Altos" (Prestige 7116)
Track #9, from the album "Olio" (Prestige 7084)
Track #10, from the album "Interplay for 2 Trumpets and 2 Tenors" (Prestige 7112)
Track #11, from the album "Alto Madness" (Prestige 7114)


GENE AMMONS, SONNY STITT (ts), Billy Massey (tp), Al 'Chippy' Outcalt (tb), Charlie Bateman (p), Gene Wright (b), Teddy Stewart (d).
Recorded January 31, 1951

GENE AMMONS (ts), Art Farmer (tp), Jackie McLean (as), Duke Jordan p), Addison Farmer (b), Art Taylor (d).
Recorded April 23, 1956

HANK MOBLEY, AL COHN, ZOOT SIMS, JOHN COLTRANE (ts), Red Garland (p), Paul Chambers (b), Art Taylor (d).
Recorded September 7, 1956

DONALD BYRD (tp), PHIL WOODS (as), Al Haig (p), Teddy Kotick (b), Charles Persip (d).
Recorded November 2, 1956

DONALD BYRD (tp), HANK MOBLEY (ts), Jerome Richardson (fl), Mal Waldron (p), Kenny Burrell (g), Doug Watkins (b), Art Taylor (d).
Recorded December 28, 1956

6. A.T.
DONALD BYRD (tp), FRANK FOSTER (ts), Tommy Flanagan (p), Kenny Burrell (g), Doug Watkins (b), Art Taylor (d).
Recorded January 4, 1957

ART FARMER, DONALD BYRD, IDREES SULIEMAN (tp), Hod O'Brien (p), Addison Farmer (b), Ed Thigpen (d).
Recorded January 26, 1957

PHIL WOODS, GENE QUILL, HAL STEIN, SAHIB SHIHAB (as), Mal Waldron (p), Tommy Potter (b), Louis Hayes (d).
Recorded February 9, 1957

THAD JONES (tp), FRANK WESS (fl), Mal Waldron (p), Teddy Charles (vib), Doug Watkins (b), Elvin Jones (d).
Recorded February 16, 1957

JOHN COLTRANE, BOBBY JASPAR (ts), IDREES SULIEMAN, WEBSTER YOUNG (tp), Mal Waldron (p), Kenny Burrell (g), Paul Chambers (b), Art Taylor (d).
Recorded March 22, 1957

JACKIE McLEAN, JOHN JENKINS (as), Wade Legge (p), Doug Watkins (b), Art Taylor (d).
Recorded May 3, 1957

All recordings sessions engineered by Rudy Van Gelder at Van Gelder Studio in Hackensack, NJ
Remastering (2002) by Joe Tarantino at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley
Art direction, design: Jamie Putnam
Inside liner notes by Eric Alexander

Original recordings produced by Bob Weinstock, except #7,8 & 9 by Teddy Charles

Hi Fi / Stereo · Digitally Remastered
© 2002 by Prestige-Fantasy, Inc.

Press reviews

"Around 1950, there were two major advances in recording technology. One was the advent of high-fidelity mono; '50s hi-fi wasn't quite stereo, but it was close. The other was the advent of the LP. Because improvisers were liberated from the time limits of 78s, the sort of extended jams that had been taking place in jazz clubs could take place in a studio. In the '50s, Prestige took full advantage of LP technology by recording a lot of blowing dates, and those studio jam sessions are the primary focus of this 79-minute compilation (which spans 1951-1957). Fantasy establishes a very jam-minded tone by making Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt's "New Blues Up and Down" the opening track. Ammons and Stitt were the ultimate in bop sportsmanship -- their tenor battles are legendary -- and "New Blues Up and Down" (a 1951 sequel to the original "Blues Up and Down") is a perfect way to begin a jam-oriented bebop/hard bop disc. In the '50s, Prestige loved to unite two or more jazzmen who played the same instrument, and on this CD, that could mean four alto saxes (Phil Woods, Gene Quill, Hal Stein, and Sahib Shihab on "Pedal Eyes"), four tenor saxes (John Coltrane, Hank Mobley, Al Cohn, and Zoot Sims on "Just You, Just Me"), or three trumpets (Art Farmer, Donald Byrd, and Idrees Sulieman on "Forty Quarters"). But Prestige's jam sessions could also mean having a variety of horns on the front line, such as Ammons getting together with Farmer and alto saxman Jackie McLean on "The Happy Blues." The compilation's liner notes, by the way, were written by tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander. In many cases, musicians have been guilty of writing sophomoric, uninformed liner notes, but Alexander provides astute and insightful liner notes for this rewarding compilation."

—Alex Henderson (All Music Guide)


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The Prestige Legacy, Vol. 3: The All Star Jam Sessions
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