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Lena Bloch

Heart Knows (Digipack)

Fresh Sound New Talent

Lena Bloch (ts), Russ Lossing (p), Cameron Brown (b), Billy Mintz (d)

Reference: FSNT-531

Bar code: 8427328435314

01. Lateef Suite (Lena Bloch) 12:02
02. Heart Knows (Lena Bloch) 7:47
03. Three Treasures (Russ Lossing) 6:32
04. French Twist (Russ Lossing) 12:54
05. Esmeh (Lena Bloch) 10:35
06. Counter Clockwise (Russ Lossing) 4:34
07. Munir (Lena Bloch) 8:53
08. Newfoundsong (Russ Lossing) 7:23

Lena Bloch (tenor sax), Russ Lossing (piano), Cameron Brown (bass), Billy Mintz (drums).
Recorded at Charlestown Road Studio, Hampton, NJ, on July 27, 2017

Recording engineer: Paul Wickliffe
Mixed & mastered by Paul Wickliffe
Mastered at Skyline Productions, Warren, NJ

Photography & design: Christopher Drukker
Liner notes by Dan Morgenstern

Produced by Lena Bloch, Russ Lossing, Cameron Brown & Billy Mintz (The Feathery)
Executive producer: Jordi Pujol

"I love playing with Lena and his quartet with Cameron and Billy. Delicate, devilishly detailed, heartfelt, organic music played by highly skilled and hard listening musicians. A truly wonderful experience".

-Russ Lossing

"It is a rare and most pleasant surprise to encounter music that is new and different and find it instantly likable".

-Dan Morgenstern


"Leader Lena Bloch describes this set as “spontaneous collective composing and instant musical communication”, an apt description of the collective empathy on display over what is a lengthy set of songs.

Bloch is of Russian origin and emigrated to Israel in 1990, later studying with Lee Konitz. His cool minimalism is evident in her breathy, wistful delivery, notably on the sensitive title track and the eloquent Counter Clockwise, but there is also a dark intensity to her playing that adds drama to proceedings when required. Likewise pianist Russ Lossing, whose urgency in places hides a romantic streak that comes well to the fore on French Twist. Cameron Brown is a superbly mobile force throughout, drummer Mintz offering discretion and support in equal measure.

What really stands out is the unity of this set, a uniformity of feeling and performance, of contemplation and occasional regret, that lasts the entire set. For a debut, Heart Knows is excellent."

Simon Adams (November, 2017)
Jazz Journal Magazine

"Tenor saxophonist Lena Bloch creates music artfully blending a strong sense of tradition with free-floating invention. Thus these tunes sound like they’re just coming into being and most assuredly not pre-packaged. Half the tunes are by Bloch and the other half come from the pen of pianist Russ Lossing.

The opening track is a reflection of Bloch’s studies with the late multi-instrumentalist Yusef Lateef. It opens with her stating a rich, melancholy theme, pulsing with life and passion. Bloch’s sound suggests the complex worlds of players like Warne Marsh, richly moving yet never clichéd. Lossing, bassist Cameron Brown and drummer Billy Mintz provide a tapestry behind Bloch’s haunting solo. It’s refreshing to hear a showcase for Brown, whom one can never take for granted—he’s been around through it all. Lossing is smart and sensitive and creates a statement utilizing jazz lines, the blues and even minimalism. The title track is a darkish ballad that invites sharing of some sadness, but also keeps the feelings mysterious. “Esmeh” brings into play Bloch’s study of Persian music as the players move through an Eastern landscape. And “Munir” is a tribute to an Iraqi oud master in which Lossing mutes his piano strings and Brown interprets one of the dedicatee’s improvisations.

Lossing demonstrates that he understands the workings of this group and its individual voices. “French Twist” is a gorgeous reharmonization of Bach with lovely piano coloration and a stunningly intimate solo by Brown while “Counter Clockwise” is an elegantly slow ballad in which every phrase, every pulse is felt. Also distantly beautiful is the pianist’s “Newfoundsong”, capturing his first impressions of that lonely area ofCanada.

The stunning thing about every performance here is the delicate blend of composed music and spontaneous invention."

Donald Elfman (November, 2017)
The New York City Jazz Records

Lena Bloch, a Russian in the USA

"The female tenor LENA Bloch was born in Russia in the Soviet era, but has been living in Brooklyn for years where she serves Jazz with her quartet FEATHERY (Russ Lossing piano, Cameron Brown bass, Billy Mintz drums are the other three).

Bloch has studied under Lee Konitz and follows his direction and advice on spontaneity improvisation on her own compositions with a lot of success. We note that of the eight tracks of her latest CD four are her own creations and the other four are the work of pianist Lossing. Her references in "Heart knows" (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2017) are many and varied.

As a former Soviet citizen she has a good relationship with what is referred to as "classical music", while at the same time one can distinguish hints of Eastern influence (Eastern Europe and the Middle East), with the touch of Konitz/ Tristano dominating both her own pieces and those of her pianist. As a result of that, there are exceptional subjects here, like the 8 minute track of "Heart Knows", that is not easy to decipher in its disguised....third wave.

Then again in the 7 minute "three treasures" they succeed in promoting the East. (Great bass from Cameron Brown, a musical ace, former associate of Archie Shepp and others.) Then there is the 13 minute track "French Twist" in which they move from Bach and end up somewhere further -in a ballad, with exceptional melodic functionality- and more like "Esmeh", the posses the way, the art and the technic to transport you to the limits of the old old Persian carvings, with the impressive craftsmanship of all the participants. In short, an exceptional album that surprised us!"

Diskoryxeion.blogspot.gr (November, 2017)


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Heart Knows (Digipack)
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