Russ Lossing

Russ Lossing's risk-taking dynamics as a composer and innovative jazz performer find him appearing in many different types of venues and concert halls. He has been a figure in some of the world’s leading jazz festivals. Lossing has played all he major jazz venues in New York City including the Village Vanguard as a member of the Paul Motian Quintet.

Lossing's brief but intense study with John Cage in the early '80s and his more recent 12 year association with Paul Motian continue to inform his music at present.

Penetrate the world of modern jazz, improvisation and composition today and you will find one of its most stimulating and innovative artists. Russ Lossing is drawing worldwide attention for his unique vision, deep integrity, and thoughtfully humanistic voice. He is known for his examining musicality. Lossing is a provocative and fresh leader in creating alternatives to long held...

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Russ Lossing Albums

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