Felipe Salles

Mind Motions

Fresh Sound New Talent

Felipe Salles (ts,ss,fl), Tony D'Aveni (tp,flh), Joel Yennior (tb), Laura Arpiainen (v), Nando Michelin (p), Rick McLaughlin (b), Bertram Lehmann (d), Ernesto Diaz (cgas,timbales), Pedro Ito (perc)

Reference: FSNT-166

Bar code: 8427328421669

"Felipe Salles proves that the jazz tradition is alive and well in the younger generation".
- Mike Zwerin, International Herald Tribune.

"The hardest question for me to answer is about the style of jazz I play. One may perhaps say that it is Latin or Brazilian, but I would prefer to avoid labeling. In my opinion, music should reflect the environment and the moment in which it is composrd, interpreted or improvised. As a Brazilian and Latin musician I cannot dny or avoid my roots, yet I believe it is also important to be aware or other existing influences.
It was vital for the making of this album to find musicians who would understand the manifold roots and influences which this music draws on, and who would be able to play with the respect, love sincerity, depth, and aknowledge necessary. In my mind there is no doubt that this particular artistic communion has brought a special life and essence to my music, for its great outcome this group of musicians is very much responsible...
This album consists of a group of nine compositions which I have written, developped and polished over the last three years."
- Felipe Salles, Winner of the SGAE Tete Montoliu Jazz Award 2001

1. Freudian Sleep (6:30)
2. Mind Motions (11:04)
3. ORB (8:18)
4. Libra (7:50)
5. Lauras Nightmare (6:04)
6. Sphere (8:02)
7. Magister Joseph (11:16)
8. The Return of the Chromo Sapiens (3:52)
9. Reflection (1:59)

Album details

All Compositions by Felipe Salles.
Recorded at PBS Studios, Westwood, MA, May 25th and 26th, September 2nd, 2002

Press reviews

"Felipe Salles is a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil but lives and performs in New York. There has been a very real blending between jazz and various Brazilian genres over the last thirty years and Salles makes a major contribution to this. Yet the sound of his music is a long way from other such collaborations. This is no samba or bossa nova recording. In fact, many listeners may not be immediately aware of Salles' background. The reason is that he has brought his Brazilian sensibilities to bear in a very subtle way. This is New York music first and foremost. The Latin element is applied very sparingly. Salles himself writes about his style of jazz, "One may perhaps say that it is Latin or Brazilian, but I would rather prefer to avoid labeling." So if you are looking for something overtly Brazilian you might check out Airto Moreira's new release Life After That. If you are looking for interesting and engaging jazz you will enjoy Mind Motions. It is issued on the Fresh Sounds, New Talent label. This describes Salles well, but not for long; he will belong on a major label very soon.
Salles presents us with nine original compositions that consist of abstract jazz lines leavened by a variety of shifting rhythmic figures, with propelling bass lines elaborated by Lehmann's drums and a variety of other percussion--congas, timbales, etc. This is always a stimulating background for soloists and Salles takes advantage of it to produce fresh and interesting solo work as do his sidemen, with trumpeter D'Aveni and pianist Michelin particularly outstanding. At times the group dynamics are evocative of Dave Holland's quintet, at others I found myself thinking of Andrew Hill or Kenny Dorham and Joe Henderson on Blue Note recordings. But these are fleeting moments - for the most part Salles is close to finding his own voice. His solo work, mostly on tenor but briefly on soprano, owes something Wayne Shorter but is moving in a different direction. It is his writing that really captures the attention, particularly as his solo work grows organically out of it. The best composers work simplify as they mature, working toward essences. Hopefully Salles will continue to work in this direction.

Jazz is said to be American classical music with an essential African core. This is certainly true but it has absorbed and is absorbing many other strands of influence. Brazilian music is one of the most significant of these and Felipe Salles demonstrates this very emphatically. He is an artist to watch."

- Peter Westbrook, JazzReview.com


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Mind Motions
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