Taylor Haskins

Wake Up Call

Fresh Sound New Talent

Taylor Haskins (tp), Andrew Rathbun (s), Ben Monder (g), Guillermo Klein (p), Ben Street (b), Aubrey Smith (vcl), Regina Bellantese (v), Jeff Hishfield (d), Yusuke Yamamoto (perc)

Reference: FSNT-145

Bar code: 8427328421454

1. You Have Everything You Need
2. Equal Being
3. Dream With You
4. Hecuba
5. Nadar
6. Nomads
7. Parking Lots
8. Please Be Quiet, Please
9. Wake-Up Call
10. Ooga Booga
11. Precipice
12. Live Free Or Die
13. Lost Poem

Album details

Recorded at Tedesco Studios, 2000
Info: www.taylorhaskins.com

Press reviews

"Some big thinking is evident here, but not of the traditional jazz type.
Trumpeter Taylor Haskins obviously takes compositional inspiration from
rock, film and electronic music, as well as jazz. Not the first player of
his generation to do so, he's brought some like-minded friends along.

'You Have Everything You Need' begins in the Latin-epic arena, with
guitarist-extraordinaire Ben Monder's strumming setting off Haskins,
saxophonist Andrew Rathbun and violinist Regina Bellantese's unison theme.
The tune calls for wide-spanned, lightning quick arpeggiation on guitar, so
it's lucky Ben's handy. In consonantly cacophonous fashion, the band rides a wave of harmony set up by pianist Guillermo Klein, setting up 'Equal Being,' a ballad having little to do with conventional jazz vocabulary and more to do with mood and repetitive snippets of melodicism. Often the bass doubles the piano line, only to then set it off for Haskins' muscularly lyrical solo. Rathbun's big-toned solo statement powerfully echoes Haskins'idea, after which they fittingly blow in unison. The overall effect is more powerful than the sum of its parts-epic rock balladry meets the jazzbo set.

This all leads to 'Dream With You,' a more full-on pop trip featuring a
Radiohead-like intro into a drum'n'bass feel, complete with laptopisms from
Haskins, featuring female vocals by Aubrey Smith that serve a more
atmospheric than content-driven function. This is certainly unlike anything
previously issued on the FSNT imprint in a good way! I really like what
happens when the vocal drops out and Monder makes a super-clean-toned jazzy
rock guitar statement over a Soul Coughing-like rhythm track. On this date,
Ben goes a long way toward proving he's the most likely guitarist to fill in for Jonny Greenwood on a sick day.

The cruising 'Nomad' sets up 'Parking Lots,' another pop song, this time
with deep Björk references. Theremin intros the tune to it's usual spooky
effect, yielding to unison 'strumming' by piano and guitar. Monder paints
harmonic scenery for sensual vocals, a paragraph drenched in the poetry of
dual-relationships, ceding to beautiful dual wordless vocalizations with

Like the Bad Plus and other lesser-known jazzers, including Plus members and fellow FSNTers Ethan Iverson and Reid Anderson, Haskins' work tinkers with jazz forms, mingling them with rock ideas. These artists are forging
something new, compelling and ear-grabbing having more to do with mood, hook and atmosphere than key centers, reharmonization and scale substitutions.

The influence of artists like Radiohead and Björk, simply the most pervasive influences on current popular music, resonates profoundly on Haskins' improbably impressive debut, wherein traditional forms are discarded and the beauty of new forms revealed."

- Phil DiPietro


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Wake Up Call
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