Bert Dahlander

Bert Dahlander (also known in his American manifestation as Bert Dale) is a fine Swedish drummer who works successfully as either bop or swing player. Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, on May 13, 1928. He started lessons on violin at an early age, but switched to drums, where he has remained, at twelve. When he was about seventeen, he headed his own combo of contemporaries, among them pianist Bengt Hallberg. Dahlander’s reputation in Sweden began to grow in the early fifties.

After recording with Lars Gullin in 1951 and 1952, Dahlander moved to America in 1954, becoming part of the house band at Chicago's Bee Hive. He worked a year with Terry Gibbs, toured Europe with Chet Baker in 1955 and 1956, then reunited with Gullin, recording with him in 1956 and '57. There was another stint with Gibbs, then he spent three years in Teddy Wilson's trio. Dahlander worked in 1965 with Earl Hines, then...

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