Vinnie Sperrazza

Vinnie Sperrazza is a Brooklyn-based jazz drummer.  His first album as a bandleader and composer, 'Apocryphal,' was released by Loyal Label on September 9, 2014.

Originally from a small town south of Utica, New York, Vinnie moved to New York City right after college, and he's lived in Brooklyn almost long enough to say he's from Brooklyn.

He's played lots and lots of good music with many amazing musicians, but he feels self-conscious about dropping names, so he's not going to do it, save mentioning the late great Mr. James Williams, pianist, with whom Vinnie played many memorable concerts.

He is in lots of bands, spent a recent summer at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival as an actor (he played a drummer- not much of a stretch), is on some cool records that have just come out (Dana Lyn/Vincent D'Onofrio Slim Bone Head Volt, Sperrazza/Sacks/Kamaguchi 'Play Tadd Dameron,' Jacob Garchik 'Ye...

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