Eivind Opsvik

Since moving to New York in 1998 Eivind Opsvik has been working on his own compositions and concepts.In early 2002 he assembled some of his favorite musicians in NYC, some of whom he's played with for years and some who are more recent acquaintances, with the intention of doing gigs around NYC and to record for a CD. In selecting musicians for his band Eivind favored open-mindedness, individuality and musicians with experience from the free music scene who would give his music a certain edge and energy.Eivind has tried to avoid predictable forms and instrumentations, without sacrificing the wholeness and spontaneity of the music. Being from Norway Eivind's music is a combination of two worlds; the European and the New York jazz scene. European melody and space combined with the grooves/rhythms and intensity of New York.All compositions have been written by Eivind over a... Read more

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