The Girl From Ipanema: The Bossa Nova Years (4-CD)
  • Box Set Back
    Box Set Back
  • Stan Getz
    Stan Getz
  • Gilberto, Jobim & Getz
    Gilberto, Jobim & Getz
  • Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto
    Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto
  • Astrud & Joao Gilberto
    Astrud & Joao Gilberto
  • Tiao Neto, Tom Jobim, Stan Getz, Joao Gilberto & Milton Banana
    Tiao Neto, Tom Jobim, Stan Getz, Joao Gilberto & Milton Banana
  • Luiz Bonfa
    Luiz Bonfa
  • Laurindo Almeida
    Laurindo Almeida
  • Verve V6-8432
    Verve V6-8432
  • Verve V6-8494
    Verve V6-8494
  • Verve V6-8523
    Verve V6-8523
  • Verve V6-8545
    Verve V6-8545
  • Verve V6-8665
    Verve V6-8665

Stan Getz

The Girl From Ipanema: The Bossa Nova Years (4-CD)

Box Sets & Special Editions

Stan Getz (ts), Joao Gilberto (g, vcl), Antonio Carlos Jobim (g, p), Astrud Gilberto, Maria Toledo (vcl), Doc Severinsen, Bernie Glow, Joe Ferrante, Clark Terry, Nick Travis (tp), Ray Alonge (Frh), Tony Studd, Bob Brookmeyer, Willie Dennis (tb), Gerald Sanfino, Ray Beckenstein (fl), Babe Clark (cl), Romeo penque (b-cl), Hank Jones, Steve Kuhn (p), Gary Burton (vib), Charlie Byrd, Luiz Bonfa, Laurindo Almeida, Jim Hall, Kenny Burrell (g), Keter Betts, Gene Byrd, Tommy Williams, George Duvivier, Gene Cherico, Don Payne (b), Buddy Deppenschmidt, Bill Reichenbach, Johnny Rae, Joe Hunt, Dave Bailey, Paulo Ferreira, Jose Carlos, Milton Banana, Helcio Milito (d), Carmen Costa, Edison Machado, Jose Paulo, Luiz Parga, Jose Soares (perc), Gary McFarland (arr)

Reference: 823 611-2

Bar code: 042282361127

THE BOSSA NOVA YEARS contains approximately 4 hours of music spanning five complete albums, including a never before released "Tribute To Stan" written by guitarist Baden Powell along with material from a classic Carnegie Hall concert. The booklet includes full discographical details, rare photos, incisive text, and new insights by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

· Jazz Samba (Verve V6-8432) 1962
· Big Band Bossa Nova (Verve V6-8494) 1962
· Jazz Samba Encore (Verve V6-8523) 1963
· Getz/Gilberto (Verve V6-8545) 1964
· Stan Getz/Laurindo Almeida (Verve V6-8665) 1966

Complete tracklisting:

CD 1
01. Desafinado (Jobim-Mendonça) 5:50
02. Samba Dees Days (Byrd) 3:32
03. O Pato (The Duck) (Silva-Teixeira) 2:29
04. Samba Triste (Powell-Blanco) 4:44
05. Samba De Uma Nota So (One Note Samba) (Jobim-Mendonça) 6:10
06. E Luxo So (Barroso-Peixoto) 3:41
07. Baia (Barroso) 6:40
08. Manha De Carnival (Morning Of Carnival) (Bonfa) 5:46
09. Balanco No Samba (Street Dance) (McFarland) 3:01
10. Melancolico (Melancholy) (McFarland) 4:40
11. Entre Amigos (Sympathy Between Friends) (McFarland) 2:57
12. Chega De Saudade (No More Blues) (Jobim-De Moraes) 4:15
13. Noite Triste (Night Sadness) (McFarland) 4:55
14. Samba De Uma Nota So (One Note Samba) (Jobim-Mendonça) 3:25
15. Bim Bom (Gilberto) 4:30

CD 2
01. Sambalero (Bonfa) 2:08
02. So Danco Samba (I Only Dance Samba) (Jobim-De Moraes) 3:36
03. Insensatez (How Insensitive) (Jobim-De Moraes) 3:20
04. O Morro Nao Tem Vez (Jobim-De Moraes) 6:52
05. Samba De Duas Notas (Two Note Samba) (Bonfa) 4:16
06. Menina Flor (Bonfa-Toledo) 4:08
07. Mania De Maria (Bonfa-Toledo) 2:42
08. Saudade Vem Correndo (Bonfa-Toledo) 3:37
09. Um Abraco No Getz (A Tribute To Getz) (Bonfa) 4:22
10. Ebony Samba – Second Version (Bonfa) 4:33
11. Ebony Samba – First Version (Bonfa) 3:49
12. Tribute To Stan (Powell) 2:55 *

CD 3
01. The Girl From Ipanema (Jobim-De Moraes-Gimbel) 5:21
02. Doralice (Caymmi-Almeida) 2:43
03. Para Machuchar Meu Coraçao (To Hurt My Heart) (Barroso) 5:03
04. Desafinado (Jobim-Mendonça) 4:11
05. Corovado (Quiet Nights) (Jobim-Lees) 4:14
06. So Danço Samba (I Only Dance Samba) (Jobim-De Moraes) 3:37
07. O Grande Amor (Jobim-De Moraes) 5:25
08. Vivo Sohando (Dreamer) (Jobim) 2:53
09. Corovado (Quiet Nights) (Jobim-Lees) 2:28
10. It Might As Well Be Spring (Rodgers-Hammerstein II) 4:21
11. Eu E Voce (Me And You) (Lyra-De Moraes) 2:27
12. Only Trust Your Heart (Carter) 4:24
13. Telephone Song (Menescal-Boscoli-Gimbel) 1:52
14. Samba De Uma Nota So (One Nota Samba) (Jobim-Mendonça) 3:14

CD 4
01. Corcovado (Quiet Nights) (Jobim-Lees) 5:12
02. Menina Moca (Young Lady) (Luis Antonio) 5:40
03. Once Again (Outre Vez) (Jobim) 6:40
04. Winter Moon (Almeida-Nelson) 5:17
05. Do What You Do Do (Almeida-Yaylor) 4:33
06. Samba Da Sahra (Sahra’s Samba) (Almeida) 4:52
07. Maracatu-Too (Almeida-Getz) 4:59
08. Eu E Voce (Me And You) (Lyra-De Moraes) 4:15
09. Corovado (Quiet Nights) (Jobim-Lees) 5:39
10. The Girl From Ipanema ((Jobim-De Moraes-Gimbel) 6:31

(*) Previously Unissued


CD 1, tracks #1-7:
Stan Getz (ts), Charlie Byrd (g), Gene Byrd (g,b), Keter Betts (b), Buddy Deppenschmidt or Bill Reichenbach (d).
Recorded at Pierce Hall, All Souls Unitarian Church, Washington, DC, February 13, 1962
Engineered by Ed Green

CD 1, tracks #8-15:
Stan Getz (ts), Doc Severinsen, Bernie Glow or Joe Ferrante, Clark Terry or Nick Travis (tp), Ray Alonge (Frh), Tony Studd, Bob Brookmeyer or Willie Dennis (tb), Gerald Sanfino or Ray Beckenstein (fl), Eddie Caine (a-fl), Babe Clark (cl), Romeo penque (b-cl), Hank Jones (p), Jim Hall (g), Tommy Williams (b), Johnny Rae (d), Carmen Costa (cabassa), Jose Paulo (tambourine). Gary McFarland (arr).
Recorded at Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York City, August 27-28, 1962
Recording engineeres: George Kneurr & Frank Laico

CD 2, tracks #1-4 & 9:
Stan Getz (ts), Luiz Bonfa (g), Antonio Carlos Jobim (g,p), Tommy Williams, George Duvivier (b), Paulo Ferreira, Jose Carlos (d), Maria Toledo (vcl).

CD 2, tracks #5-7 & 11:
Stan Getz (ts), Luiz Bonfa (g), Don Payne (b), Paulo Ferreira (d), Maria Toledo (vcl).

CD 2, tracks #8 & 10:
Stan Getz (ts), Luiz Bonfa (g), Don Payne (b), Dave Bailey, Paulo Ferreira (d).

Three sessions recorded at Webster Hall, New York City, February 8,9 & 27, 1963
Recording engineers: Bob Simpson, Ray Hall & Phil Ramone

CD 2, track #12:
Personnel, recording date & location unknown.

CD 3, tracks #1-8:
Stan Getz (ts), Antonio Carlos Jobim (p), Joao Gilberto (g, vcl), Tommy Williams (b), Milton Banana (d), Astrud Gilberto (vcl).
Recorded at A&R Studios in New York City, March 18-19, 1963
Recording engineer: Phil Ramone

CD 3, tracks #9-14:
Stan Getz (ts), Astrud Gilberto (vcl), Gary Burton (vib), Gene Cherico (b), Joe Hunt (d). Kenny Burrell (g on #9-11), Helcio Milito (d on #9-11).
Live material recorded in New York City, May 22,1964
Recording engineer: Rudy Van Gelder

CD 4, tracks #1-7:
Stan Getz (ts), Steve Kuhn (p), Laurindo Almeida (g), George Duvivier (b), Dave Bailey (d), Edison Machado, Jose Soarez, Luiz Parga, Jose Paulo (perc).
Recorded at at Webster Hall, New York City, March 21 & 22, 1963
Recording engineer: Bob Simpson

CD 4, tracks #8-10:
Stan Getz (ts), Joao Gilberto (g), Gary Burton (vib), Gene Cherico (b), Joe Hunt (d), Astrud Gilberto (vcl).
Recorded live at Carnegie Hall, New York City, October 9, 1964
Recording engineer: Bob Simpson

Compilation producer: Richard Seidel, Seth Rothstein, Phil Schaap
Liner notes by Neil Tesser & Phil Schaap
Digitally remastered by Tom "Curly" Ruff and Dennis Drake (Polygram Studios).

Sessions originally produced by Creed Taylor


"This 5-CD box set contains nearly all of Stan Getz's classic bossa nova sessions, five wonderful yet diverse LPs (Jazz Samba, Big Band Bossa Nova, Jazz Samba Encore, Stan Getz/Laurindo Almeida, and Getz/Gilberto). The cool-toned tenor is heard on his groundbreaking collaboration with guitarist Charlie Byrd (which resulted in the best-selling "Desafinado"), is showcased with a big band arranged by Gary McFarland (introducing "No More Blues" and "One Note Samba"), stars in recordings with guitarists Laurindo Almeida and Luiz Bonfa, and is heard at the famous meeting with composer/pianist Antonio Carlos Jobim, guitarist João Gilberto, and singer Astrud Gilberto, which resulted in the major hit "The Girl From Ipanema." This essential set finishes off with three previously unissued performances from a 1964 Carnegie Hall Concert, concluding with a remake of "The Girl From Ipanema." These recordings stand as proof that it is possible for good music to sell."

Scott Yanow -All Music Guide


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The Girl From Ipanema: The Bossa Nova Years (4-CD)
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