• David Xirgu, Dani Pérez & Gorka Benítez David Xirgu, Dani Pérez & Gorka Benítez

Gorka Benítez


Fresh Sound New Talent

Gorka Benítez (ts, fl), Dani Pérez (g), David Xirgu (d)

Reference: FSNT-554

Bar code: 8427328435543

This isn’t the first time I start writing about Gorka Benítez. It’s not that I find writing about this much beloved and individual musician hard, mind you. But every time I think I have a clear description of Gorka in mind, words fail me: they fall short from what I actually mean to say. Where others explore new or old avenues to develop their ideas, Gorka forges his own path to the side, unconcerned by the business side of the music industry. He does so without regard for established aesthetics or musical tendencies because his particular style derives not only from his talent, but also from his sheer personality.

Gorka is a strong melodist with an unpretentious style full of sincerity, emotion and lyricism, a hard to find combination. When he takes his tenor saxophone and begins to blow, he often weaves into his solos tough, logical idea patterns, and never seems to be in a hurry to spout out all he’s got to say—his jazz comes out with collected strength and passionate conviction.

On stage, he is the personification of self-assurance, delivering a flow of positive energy and messages of solidarity, which he underlines with suggestive melodies, capturing the audience with his special kind of magic. He does not aim to impress or boast with his technique; there’s something much more simple at work, the kind of closeness that reaches you without effort but with raging intensity.

Whoever he is accompanying, Gorka never loses his solid identity, both expressive and melodic. Personality wise, at least on stage, he is somewhere between the musician who uses his instrument and the language of jazz to express his conceptual and creative ideas, and the poet who passionately describes all his experiences and feelings. His songs are little gems of musical logic. He creates his own universe and catches us with his music, which he usually plays with his longtime friends, guitarist Dani Pérez, and drummer David Xirgu. They groove beautifully together, and spread their empathic energy all over these trio performances. Some of their mutual understanding might be attributed to their shared open-mindedness.

Pérez is the trio’s anchor, who plays his guitar with an ability that goes beyond technique, building up transcendent and heartfelt patterns. His imaginative solos offer an alluring diversity of musical texture, tonality, and sonority. The ever amazing Xirgu is right there with his muscleman polyrhythmic exclamations, while Gorka unveils images with his saxophone or his flute.

No comparisons come to mind, which is a good thing, in this case. In his early years, reviewers and friends tried to find similarities between Gorka and this, or that other renowned saxophonist, but luckily, all their well-meaning praise had little effect on his playing. With each passing day, he is more and more himself, and consequently he has moved further and further away from any possible comparisons. Having molded his style organically through the years, he himself has slowly become a reference.

This CD includes the many sides of Gorka’s personality, not only as a musician, but also as a human being, and it is a cry for solidarity. Salalagua is his tribute to all the people who die while crossing the Mediterranean sea in search of freedom.

-Jordi Pujol

01. Stache 3:34
02. Déjarte solo un día 3:06
03. Infección 3:39
04. Rob 3:32
05. Salalagua 5:00
06. El muro 3:13
07. Egun hura 3:35
08. Al tiro 3:02
09. Gorka 5:00
10. Pensando en Hooker 3:21
11. Cucho el Roto 3:58
12. A solas 2:43
13. Ropa vieja 3:14

Total time: 47:21 min.

All tracks composed by Gorka Benítez, except #9 by Dani Pérez

Gorka Benítez (tenor sax, flute), Dani Pérez (guitar), David Xirgu (drums).
Recorded at Estudis Laietana, Barcelona, on April 7, 2017

Engineered & mixed by Jordi Vidal
Photo by Gemma Silvestre
Illustrations: Miriam Lazcano

Produced by Gorka Benítez & Jordi Vidal
Executive producer: Jordi Pujol


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