Tubby Hayes

Nicknamed "The Little Giant", English saxophonist Tubby Hayes was an excellent hard bop and modal stylist whose solos were dynamic, expertly articulated, and intricately constructed, as well as expressive and imaginative. In addition to saxes and woodwinds, he was also an highly skilled arranger, composer, and an accomplished vibraphonist. He was a dazzling, highly acrobatic player who drew as much criticism for his virtuosic flurries of notes as praise. A ubiquitous presence on the 1960s and early-'70s British jazz scene, he died at age 38 in 1973. His influence, now undisputed, has made him the standard bearer for British jazz during the 20th century. His traveling forays into America may not have registered in the jazz press as much, but he was revered by virtually every jazzman on the other side of the Atlantic who heard or played with him: Among them Quincy Jones, Ella...

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