Bill Jennings

Bill Jenning's sound has been compared to Tiny Grimes with a hint of early Charlie Christian. A peer of Billy Butler, Jennings (1919-1978) played with Louis Jordan in the late '40s and early '50s. He also recorded R&B sides with Leo Parker and Bill Doggett.

Like many musicians who weren't pure jazz players but had to earn a living in the 1950s, guitarist Bill Jennings spent much of his all-too-brief career in R&B bands. When he did drift into jazz, it was often with groove crossover artists like organist Brother Jack McDuff and tenor saxophonist Willis "Gator" Jackson.

Guitarists like Jennings were solid riff-'n'-pickin' players who could keep swinging time and solo with pronounced lines. Many R&B guitarists like Carl Hogan and Floyd Smith saw minimal jazz recording work in the LP era due to the wealth of studio players like Barry Galbraith, Mundell LoweKenny Burrell and Chuck Wayne...

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