Carles Benavent

Carles Benavent is one of the most acclaimed Spanish musicians, a world class bass player who has performed and recorded with Miles DavisChick Corea and Paco de Lucía, and the biggest names in flamenco music like Camarón de la Isla. He is widely known, not only as a jazz flamenco bass player, but also as the creator of the flamenco bass style itself.

During his 25 years of collaboration with Paco de Lucia, he forged that unique style of playing now widely recognized by the flamenco bass community. International critics have said that Carles Benavent became for the flamenco style what Jaco Pastorius became for the jazz style.

He started his musical career being part of the key fusion bands that emerged in Barcelona during the 70’s: Máquina, Música Urbana, etc. In 1980, he begins to perform with Paco de Lucía touring Europe, America and Japan, a collaboration that will continue until...

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